The Syrian Minister of Awqaf Minister Dr. Hassan Awad said that usually (before the curfew and the obligation of homes) they did not receive one contact a day about the divorce, and it was necessary for the husband and wife to come to the place of the fatwa until they are heard, indicating that after the ban due to the measures taken to address For the emerging coronavirus, those cases have increased significantly.

Awad added in the intervention last weekend with a Syrian radio station: "Today, I have only five divorces because of my direct petition," and I attribute the reason to the lack of respect or knowledge of the rights, borders, and duties of both spouses.

He continued that commitment to the homes “revealed a bad reality that existed between the husbands that we were not aware of, as we lived a life in which there was a kind of indifference and a kind of indifference (walking the case) .. Today the verification has come, the word is calculated, the truth of the man with a right As he used to go out, meet his companions, sit in certain public places, while today he is confined to four walls .. in front of him the wife .. the children, and I find it an opportunity for him to prove his presence with the wife and children, and an opportunity to re-arrange his family life, and to see a life His children, young or old, their projects, dreams and actions, and an opportunity to look closely at the wife and give her The largest, and exploit exploited positive ».

He pointed out that although the courts are broken, but there are daily shifts to confirm the marriage or divorce by a judge, pointing out that under the current circumstances, cases of marriage have become rare, while disputes between spouses have multiplied, calling for God to spend this scourge.