Elderly husband arrested for killing his wife for caregiving fatigue Tokyo Suginami Ward April 8 6:42

A husband was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department on July 7 in Suginami Ward, Tokyo, for killing his 81-year-old wife. In other words, he states that he was tired of nursing care.

The arrest was made by Kojima Ichiro (82) in Koenji-Minami, Suginami-ku.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, there is a suspicion of murder in the living room at home around 7 noon for murdering his wife Nobiko (81) with a kitchen knife.

A police officer who rushed home after receiving a report from his daughter discovered the couple, after calling a daughter who lived elsewhere after the incident saying, "I'll follow you."

According to the investigation, he states that his wife was almost bedridden and stabbed his wife sleeping with a kitchen knife at home, thinking of dying together with tired care.

The Metropolitan Police Department is examining details about the couple's livelihood.