Many women fear the end of their pregnancy and the willingness to give birth to their children, despite the doctors and nurses trying to reassure them, due to the pervasive “Corona” epidemic, having to give birth without their husbands with them, and staying alone after returning home.

Adrian, Emily, Justin, Aureli and Karen all anticipated an ideal scenario, in which husbands are next to them to relieve them, and the family surrounds the cradle of the child, and the parents and girlfriends support them after returning home, but unfortunately none of all of this will happen.

"He is my first child," says Karen Karam, who is due to give birth in a few weeks, in the east of France, where the epidemic has spread widely. "I do not know how I will manage myself."

"Will I get an injection in the back if there are no anesthesiologists?" Asked Marin from Bordeaux (southwest).

In an attempt to answer her, the Parisian hospital obstetrician in Salpetriere, the head of the European Gynecology and Obstetricians Association, Professor Jackie Nizar, responds by posting small videos on YouTube.

These videos include clear instructions, for example, escorting pregnant women to external consultations and consultations is prohibited.

The doctor explains, "There are two public health challenges, stopping the spread of the virus and avoiding infecting the medical staff, the instructions are constantly evolving, and at the present time it is allowed to enter one person with the mother into the delivery room," this requires the use of a stock of masks and protective clothing by many, whether the medical or sick staff Or her husband, and in the maternity departments, "We must manage this deficiency as well."

Page on Facebook

To help his patients, Professor Nizar communicates with one of his patients, who are locked at home with her child, through a page on Facebook where women who give birth to their children, or will soon develop, tips and experiences. The page was established on March 19, and so far it includes about 500 women.

At the moment, there is difficulty seeing the pink life, says Laure, 39, three days before her child’s date: “He is my third child, but I am afraid my baby will be placed without his father’s presence, in the previous two birthdays, I used to feel more calm and ready to fight, now "I feel lonely and less prepared." Yoga and swimming lessons, as well as preview visits, have been canceled so that they can be conducted over the phone, except for those with complications.

Double anxiety

Women often feel "abandoned," says Aureli, from Versailles near Paris

Her double anxiety is caused by "the possibility of a problem with the child, and the inability to share this moment with her husband."

Adrian, 34, feels a "revolution" toward this idea: "We are locked together."

"I am locked here for three weeks," says Emily, who is alone at Trosso Hospital in Paris, where she is being monitored to delay an early delivery. "For some women who undergo emergency caesarean deliveries, they do not see their children," she added. Rather, the midwife displays pictures of the child in front of his parents. ” "We cannot allow entry and exit frequently," says Nizar.

500 women on a page on Facebook aiming to provide advice.

Reviews are made over the phone, except for those with complications.