China Weather News this week, Beijing's temperature showed a "V" trend. After the first three days of warmth, the day after tomorrow (9th), the temperature in Beijing dropped sharply, with a maximum temperature of only 10 ° C, accompanied by light rain. It is recommended that the public increase clothing in a timely manner and reduce going out.

Yesterday, the weather in Beijing was fine. Under full sunlight, the maximum temperature during the day reached 23.6 ℃, but the temperature was lower in the morning and evening, and the minimum temperature was only 7 ℃ yesterday morning.

This morning, Beijing has a lot of clouds in the sky, so it is hard to see the sun.

Today, the amount of cloud in the sky in Beijing has increased, and the temperature has begun to fall. It is estimated that during the day, the weather in Beijing will change from cloudy to sunny, north to south winds 2 and 3, with a maximum temperature of 18 ℃; at night, it will be cloudy and cloudy, turn south to north winds with 1 or 2 winds, and the minimum temperature is 5 ℃.

Beijing forecast for the next seven days. (Data source: Weather Manager client)

Tomorrow, the capital will still be cloudy with a maximum temperature of 18 ℃. But the day after tomorrow, as cold air affects Beijing in an all-round way, there will be a "dive" type of cooling. The maximum temperature will suddenly drop to only 10 degrees Celsius, and light rain will fall. However, the cold air rushed in and out, and the temperature in Beijing will rise rapidly on Friday, and return to above 20 ℃ on the weekend.

Experts reminded that the temperature in Beijing this week showed a "V" shape trend. There will be light rain and a sharp drop in temperature the day after tomorrow. It is recommended that the public must increase or decrease clothing in a timely manner to avoid catching a cold. Morning and evening temperatures in Beijing this week are still hovering below 10 ℃, the temperature difference between day and night is large, you need to adjust the dress at any time.