The spread of the "Covid-19" epidemic was linked to the circulation of many myths by people, so the World Health Organization quickly disproved these myths so as not to negatively affect efforts to curb the spread of this epidemic, and answered some of the questions that concern people. Here is a correction for the most prominent, according to the "Observatory of the Future", affiliated with "Dubai Future Foundation":

■ Exposure to direct sunlight or temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius, or being in areas of humid weather that do not protect against the "Covid-19" virus, as the risk of infection continues even in hot and sunny weather.

Most people with HIV recover from it, and the virus disappears completely from their bodies. So, if you are infected with the virus and suffer from minor symptoms, you can take medications to treat the symptoms, but in case you suffer from more severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, coughing and fever, you should seek medical care early.

■ Stopping breathing for 10 seconds or more without coughing or feeling pain does not mean that you do not suffer «Covid-19», or any other lung disease. Dry cough, fatigue and fever are the most common symptoms of Covid-19. Some patients may experience more severe complications, such as pneumonia.

■ There is no evidence yet that proves that the "Covid-19" virus is transmitted through the bites of mosquitoes, because it is a respiratory virus that is mainly transmitted through the respiratory droplets, which come out of the infected person's mouth or nose, and therefore we must adhere to social divergence, reduce mixing, and adhere to cough etiquette .

■ Hand dryers do not affect «Covid-19» virus. So washing hands with soap and water regularly is the best way to prevent, as we mentioned earlier, and even sterilizing lamps that use ultraviolet rays are not suitable, but rather irritate and damage the skin.

■ Thermal cameras help detect people with fever due to infection with the "Covid-19" virus, but people who have the virus during the incubation period do not show any symptoms, so these cameras will not be able to detect them. Also, spraying alcohol or chlorine on the body does not kill the virus already present inside the body. Alcohol and disinfectants are useful exclusively for sterilizing surfaces according to health guidelines.

Garlic is a healthy food and has some antimicrobial properties, but there is no certainty yet that proves that eating garlic protects against Covid-19 virus, based on current pandemic data.

■ All age groups are vulnerable to infection with the virus, but the risk of infection increases in the elderly, and people who suffer from chronic diseases, such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease.

■ Antibiotics work mainly against bacteria and do not affect viruses. So you should avoid taking antibiotics, and other drugs, without consulting your doctor. Antibiotics may be used to treat people infected with the "Covid-19" virus in hospitals if they suffer from bacterial infection associated with infection with the virus.

Exposure to direct sunlight, or high temperatures, does not prevent infection.

Regularly washing hands with soap and water is the ideal way to prevent.