Comedian Son Hun-soo told the reason for going to the army twice.

Son Heon-soo, who appeared on MBC's 'people are good', aired on the 7th, confessed that he served as an industrial technical agent on behalf of the military in 2006, but was caught by the prosecution and re-enlisted as a prosecutor. .

Son Hun-soo said about Shim Kyung, who was enlisted for the second time at the age of 27, "It was very difficult when I was re-enlisted. The second day of re-entry came to panic. It was so hard for four weeks at the training center. I think I shed tears there. ”

Then he said, "I've been thinking since I was assigned to self. The reason why celebrities are having a very difficult 2 years in the military is 'What if I forget me during the military service?' It was because of my anxiety, “What if my gag sensation disappears for two years?” I thought that it would be over when I left the army twice.

However, Son Heon-su used re-enlistment as his life experience. He said, "Thank you for re-enrollment. If you didn't go twice, you wouldn't have lived like this.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yun)