We all praised the initiatives of owners of some shopping centers to exempt commercial tenants from paying rent payments or postpone them to a later date, but we have not heard much about the initiatives undertaken by owners of residential buildings and apartments towards tenants who live in the Emirate of Dubai, except for those initiatives that were announced Some owners reported it counting on the fingers in other Emirates

"Postponing the entitlement of checks to real estate units is a simple procedure by building owners."

We all have obligations and duties, and I hope that my message reaches all apartment owners and buildings.

About 80% of employees are forced these days to commit to homes and not go to their workplaces, after companies closed their doors to counter the spread of the Corona virus (Covid 19).

Of course, after the closure, many companies' returns were affected even if remote work continued, but the returns decreased. To overcome this, some institutions in the private sector tended to adopt some solutions and policies, among them the dismissal of some employees and deduction from the salaries of others by up to 50% of their monthly wages, as a measure to reduce costs and costs in light of the current repercussions that the world economy is going through as a result The effect of the virus.

Therefore, I hope that the maturity of the checks on real estate units will be postponed so that the tenants can arrange their accounts and return to work, and I think it is a simple procedure by the landlords, since it will not cost them much because it is just a delay in paying a payment, and not a total exemption from payment, because the owner in turn has obligations And other expenses incurred by him, especially those related to the building itself from the costs of financing, maintenance, service fees, etc.

A message that it may reach the concerned parties and be implemented, especially as we require a time when all efforts and social solidarity of all are required to alleviate the burden on everyone.

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