There is no doubt that many of us have become uncomfortable, bored and tense, from restrictions on movement, and the inability to be in the places we love to sit in. No one of us is able to live in the same way that he used to live before the spread of the Corona virus, and despite the clarity of the reasons that The concerned authorities have called for many decisions to be taken, as there are those who insist on recklessness without any regard for what is happening, or the disasters that may cause it.

- I am surprised at the behavior of some, and their insistence on going out for illogical reasons.

I may understand that some people hesitate to associations and places to sell consumer supplies and foodstuffs, but I am surprised by the behavior of some, their insistence on going out for illogical reasons, and standing in the queues of Chouf Kobe, because one of them can not live without coffee!

Instructions for the domestic isolation of some people suspected of being infected with the virus and violating it, and transferring it to others, are strictly forbidden to leave the area that needs sterilization, so some of them insist on sneaking out because it feels bored, the various media organizations release awareness records in all languages ​​.. Yet there is no life Who are you calling!

There is another type that thinks about its benefit only. I received a call from one of the colleagues, in which I shared a message from one of the women's salons, offering home services, hitting the wall with the decision that prevents the salons from providing their services to the public, and you can imagine how the disease could spread by the workers In the salon, if one of them was infected, or mixed with a client carrying the virus, here it is necessary to inform the competent authorities, because the health of society is much more important than hairdo and skin care.

When the Attorney General issued the provisions of decisions related to communicable diseases, this was not in vain or a philosophy, but rather went out in the public interest. Therefore, it is necessary for the competent authorities to strike with an iron hand on each non-compliant playboy, and to publish his photos in various media outlets to be a lesson to others.

In conclusion .. Greetings, thanks and appreciation for the first line of defense, which fulfills its duty to the fullest, many hours of work accompanied by fatigue and exhaustion, facing disease and sick people, maintaining order, and strive around the clock to maintain the health and security of society, and we all hope that the casualties will decrease, to say soon: Goodbye ... "Corona".

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