Besides psychological pressures and stress experienced by the individual in the face of the daily news of the development of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), he also finds himself in the face of another crisis linked to the domestic isolation imposed by the conditions in order to protect from infection and reduce its spread, which means that Face to face in front of "time" and "narrow ocean", and trying to reconcile them. Experts say, on the website of the Head of Health organization of the Australian Ministry of Health, hobbies are a great way to spend time, whether by practicing something you prefer, or learning a new skill, or reading, among others, what helps «to improve mental health, Research also shows that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, irritability, and depression. Also, the British “No Panic” organization proposed a set of hobbies that promote mental health and relaxation in such a critical period for all societies:

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