Madagascar: haute couture is involved in the production of masks

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In this factory, which specializes in making clothes for international haute couture houses, part of the orders have been placed on hold to free up production lines for the production of protective masks. RFI / Sarah Tétaud

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In Madagascar, the arrival of the first cases of Covid-19 on the island - as in many places on the planet - revealed the country's unpreparedness and lack of resources in the face of the pandemic. In one day, the stocks of masks were rounded up, and the suspension of trade with suppliers - mainly Chinese - reduced the chances of being able to quickly replenish the country in basic protections.


Faced with this situation, a factory specializing in embroidery and tailoring for European haute couture houses decided, from the start of the epidemic, to suspend part of its production to mass produce the precious masks, and the distribute - free - to the population. When the luxury industry puts itself at the service of the most disadvantaged, it is a report by one of our correspondents in Antananarivo.

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