The whole city of Wuhan mourns the death of the new crown pneumonia epidemic

On April 4th, at the Hankou along the Yangtze River Avenue in Hankou, citizens mourned the death of martyrs and dead compatriots

Changjiang Daily reporter Zhan Songshe

At 10 a.m. on the 4th, an event of deep mourning for the sacrifice of martyrs and deceased compatriots in the fight against the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic was held in Hankou Jiangtan.

Among those who came to mourn were medical personnel in white armor, public security policemen who stayed in their posts during the epidemic, grassroots workers, volunteers with great love, and two mountain builders who worked hard all day and night without complaints, Ordinary Wuhan citizens.

Mourning is an endless thought of the heroes and the dead compatriots; mourning is also arousing our ambition to move forward better.

Luo Zhihua, Head of Neurosurgery, Wuhan First Hospital:

Wuhan is about to embark on a new journey

"In just 3 minutes, my mind was full of thoughts and my heart was mixed." When the air defense alarm sounded, more than two months of experience flashed in Luo Zhihua's mind.

Luo Zhihua remembered every brother and sister who insisted on staying in the isolation ward; he recalled the emergency medical assistance of the national medical team; he recalled that all walks of life worked together to overcome difficulties and put forth his own efforts and love.

"This epidemic is like climbing a snowy mountain. In the end, everyone worked together to climb to the top of the mountain and saw the dawn. Wuhan is restarting." Luo Zhihua said.

Wu Jintao, deputy captain of the Jiangbei Brigade, Special Police Division of the Municipal Public Security Bureau:

Remember, it is to build a tower of hope

The deceased rests in peace and the living advances! After the mourning event ended, Wu Jintao felt sorrow and determination.

"Behind every name is a fresh life, and behind every martyr is a weeping heroic deed." Wu Jintao said that in this war without smoke, the martyrs who died in the fight against the epidemic with love Guarding their homes and writing with their lives, they are the most respectable people, and their spirit is immortal.

Wu Jintao said that remembering is not to indulge in sorrow, but to build a tower of hope on the most solid historical foundation. Everyone should follow the example of heroes, stand on their posts, work hard, shoulder their hands together and work together to win the epidemic prevention and control.

Zheng Xinyi, a student and volunteer from Wuhan University:

I understand what young people should do

At the scene of the mourning event, Zheng Xinyi burst into tears. "When I was silent for 3 minutes, my mind was like a movie. Every bit of it was very clear. I wish the dead to rest in peace."

Zheng Xinyi, 22 years old this year, registered for the first time during the epidemic prevention and control and was successfully selected to the Wuhan University Outbreak Prevention and Control Youth Commando. As a member of the information service group, collect and select and publish outstanding deeds during the epidemic prevention and control period, and send encouragement and warmth to Master Wu students.

In response to the call of the Youth League Committee of Wuhan University, Zheng Xinyi also participated in the preparation of Wuhan University's "walking with retrogrades · dedicating to devotees" volunteer service frontline medical staff children's caring action, actively collecting relevant teaching and supporting materials to meet the needs of team teaching.

Zheng Xinyi said, "When joining the epidemic as a volunteer and fighting side by side with my companions, I slowly understand what I should do. After this mourning event, I will work with you to move forward better."

Tian Lin, Secretary of the Doumen Community, Minyi Street, Jianghan District:

Can't relax for a moment

"May the deceased rest in peace, we will continue to protect their families and our homes." Tian Lin said.

"At the moment when I heard the air defense alarm and the steamer whistle, the surrounding air seemed to freeze." Tian Lin said that he was an experiencer and witness of the epidemic. In the three minutes of silence, he not only died for the martyrs and died His compatriots felt heartache and understood their responsibilities.

"Now the city's epidemic prevention and control situation is improving, and some industries and enterprises have begun to restart gradually, which will more or less make some residents relax their vigilance." Tian Lin understands that he must not relax that string in his heart, "We will continue to strengthen The community ’s management of seals and controls cannot be relaxed until the epidemic is completely lifted. "

Fu Minggui, general manager of Wuhan Real Estate Group:

Memorial is to move forward better

"The whole nation deeply mourns the sacrifice of martyrs and deceased compatriots in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It is a good interpretation of the party and government's" people-centered "ruling concept, and it also makes us more cherish the hard-won situation. Gui said that the epidemic has not ended, and prevention and control must not be relaxed.

In this unprecedented epidemic, Wuhan Real Estate Group fought against Thor Mountain, rushed to build a sheltered hospital, and sank the community, and contributed its own strength to winning the war of defense in Wuhan. Fu Minggui said that the commemoration is to move forward better, and the next step will be to fully promote the resumption of production at the "Raytheon Mountain Speed", and strive to recover the lost time and recover the losses caused by the epidemic to ensure the completion of the whole year The project construction tasks and business performance objectives strive to win the double victory of epidemic prevention and control and economic development.

Deng Linghao, a resident of Sanyang Community in Jiang'an District:

Hope the epidemic will end soon, everyone is safe

At 8 am on the 4th, Deng Linghao came to Yanjiang Avenue early to wait for everyone to go to the Hankou River Beach to participate in the memorial service. "Seriously solemn, everyone at the scene has a solemn expression." At 10 am, the steamboat on the Yangtze River and the cars on the road whistle at the same time, and the air defense alarm sounded. Deng Linghao bowed his head in silence.

"I feel very heavy and I want to cry, but I still have a feeling that I can't say it." For three minutes of silence, Deng Linghao's mind constantly replayed the scenes since the epidemic prevention and control ...

"The people who leave, we will always remember." Deng Linghao said, "I hope that the staff who are still fighting on the front line of the epidemic will be safe and peaceful, and hope that the epidemic will end soon, everyone's life can return to normal, and work together for a better life. . "

Pan Xincheng, Vice Chairman of the Municipal General Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Wuhan Boda Group:

We never give up our dreams

At 9 a.m. on the 4th, Pan Xincheng, together with everyone, walked into the scene of mourning activities in advance with a painful mood and wearing white flowers.

Pan Xincheng said, "This new crown pneumonia epidemic is a big duel between humans and viruses. The heroic Wuhan People's Shepherd is a small family who cares for everyone. The sacrificed martyrs are even national heroes and people's role models. To take the living water of the Yangtze River and build a large Wuhan to shoulder the important task of the strategy for the rise of central China. "

Pan Xincheng admitted that everyone will never give up their dreams. "We are confident and determined, under the leadership and support of party committees and governments at all levels, we will unswervingly develop enterprises and make greater contributions to economic development!"