The first RFI Club choir in a refugee camp in the DRC (Rediffusion)

The RFI Lusenda Club choir. RFI / Chrystelle Nammour

By: Eric Amiens

This week, we come back to the mission carried out by the Service of Relations with Auditors and project managers of RFI Clubs, in a refugee camp in Lusenda, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in December 2019.


During this mission, many activities were carried out in partnership with the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees): creation of library, establishment of a cinema, football tournament ... The novelty is the creation of a choir in the camp to allow young refugees to highlight their talent, to forget the difficulties of everyday life, and to strengthen social cohesion between the refugees and the local population.

The RFI Lusenda Club choir. RFI / Chrystelle Nammour

A new experience that Chrystelle NAMMOUR (responsible for RFI Clubs projects) shares with us, Daniel RUGAMIKA, director of the "Children's Choir of the RFI Bukavu Club" and two young Burundian refugees, members of the choir Bella and Fidel. Audrey IATTONI and Sébastien BONIJOL give an update on the prospects for supporting RFI Clubs, for this year 2020.

(Replay of February 8, 2020)

Music: " Yo Pe " - Innoss'B
Realization: Cécile BONICI.

Photos: Chrystelle NAMMOUR.

Bella, conductor of the RFI Lusenda Club choir. RFI / Chrystelle Nammour

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