In spite of the difficult conditions imposed by domestic stone, the world is not without the wit that characterized many of those who have been narrowed by the conditions of stone and have defied the laws and take to the street, and the thousands of violations that were recorded around the world were not free of facts and strange and sometimes strange cases, Because of the trick that the owners made to escape from the police grip. According to newspapers and agencies of international children

In a strange incident, a British man devised a cunning way to get out of the quarantine restrictions, without any penalties, according to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", where he resorted to the ploy of wearing a tree costume, taking advantage of the presence of many trees in the area to hide around them to escape from the eyes of the government authorities there .
A video clip of the neighbor showed that their neighbor was sitting beside a tree, dressed as a tree, before he crossed the road in a comedic way to take the shape of a tree on the road, then returned again through crawling and spinning on the ground, before he appeared again carrying a bag that seemed to have some purchases That he acquired from abroad.

In Spain the matter was more funny, as surveillance cameras spotted a person disguised as a dinosaur, as he targeted throwing garbage and then re-inserted it again. "Dinosaurs" defrauded the police for violating the curfew. The traffic did not pass, as one of the police cars interviewed him, as the video showed he spoke to an officer.

And the official police account tweeted: "It is allowed to bring your pets to serve their needs, in partial embargo, but this certainly does not include dinosaurs."

The circumvention of the curfew decisions took another turn completely in India, with 4 men pretending to be dead, so that they would not be arrested, in a bid that ultimately failed.

Indian police revealed that the driver and the 4 men had traveled more than 160 km in the ambulance, bypassing many checkpoints by pretending to die, but they were revealed at the last checkpoint before arriving at their destination, to be arrested.