In the Qingming Festival, the martyrs' cemeteries in Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, actively expanded the channels for offering sacrifices and innovating the forms of offering sacrifices. The combination of online sacrifices and offline sacrifices is a convenient way for the public to commemorate the heroes without leaving the house. Satisfy sacrificial sweep needs.

It is understood that the public actively participated in the online tribute campaign of "Salute and 2020 Qingming Festival of Heroes" through the China Hero Network, the website of the Ministry of Retired Military Affairs and the WeChat public account of the Red River State Military Affairs Bureau. The Martyrs Cemetery also shoots videos and photos of the surrogate scandals for the clients, or feeds back to the martyrs ’relatives and comrades in the live broadcast of the ritual scandals to appease the heroes and comfort the military martyrs.

Correspondent Wang Yu

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]