"On the masks we ordered in China, we must be close to two billion, and we continue to place orders," said Health Minister Olivier Véran on Saturday, stressing that these orders are subject to "competition world ".

France continues its efforts to source masks, and its orders from manufacturers in China now reach nearly two billion copies, assured Saturday the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

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Orders subject to "a global competition"

"On the masks we ordered in China, we must be close to two billion, and we continue to place orders," said the minister, in an interview with Brut online media. "The orders for masks that we have placed are much more important than what we receive" and are subject to "world competition", he stressed, recalling France's efforts to, at the same time, boost its production. national protective masks.

Wednesday, Olivier Véran had assured that France had ordered "more than a billion and a half of masks in France and abroad", during a hearing in videoconference by the very new mission of information of the National Assembly on government management of the crisis.

"Alternative" masks for the population

The Minister was also questioned on the evolution of the recommendations of the health authorities, who now advise the population to wear "alternative masks" in fabrics, while those for medical use must remain reserved for those who need it most. , starting with healthcare professionals and patients.

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According to him, the epidemic of coronavirus will lead to a change in "health behaviors" in France and in other countries, where the wearing of masks by the general public was until now not widespread, and sometimes unwelcome, unlike to some Asian countries.


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"We must be able to produce masks for people who are not caregivers, who are second-line people, who will be in contact with the public, or even tomorrow to offer everyone to wear protection ... We are discussing this with the scientific council, virology experts, health agencies, we are asking them to reassess the doctrine, "he explained.