The many and successive news about the "Corona" virus causes panic in the hearts of people, but the picture is not that dark, and if we follow a lot of reports that are ignored, it is not highlighted, we will find many details that invite us to optimism, according to the German "Deutsche Villa" website.

Often we only monitor the number of injured and dead, while the number of survivors is ignored. The vast majority of patients, that is, about 80% of cases, have a very mild to moderate infection. This means symptoms such as coughing and hoarseness without developing into a Covid 19 symptom. And some of the injured did not notice any symptoms they have.

If you follow the usual advice, you will protect yourself from the Corona virus. So wash your hands well with soap and water, and keep at least 2 meters from the other person.

In China, a 100-year-old patient recovered from infection with the Corona virus, despite suffering from Alzheimer's disease, high blood pressure and heart failure, according to German newspaper Bild website.

Our blue planet is the biggest beneficiary of the Corona crisis, as satellite data from NASA and European ESA agencies show a significant drop in nitrogen dioxide levels in the air, whether in China the cradle of the epidemic or later in Italy, the most affected area in Europe.

The crisis pushed for better exploitation of digitization, and so it is possible to consult a doctor online. Scientists are also betting, as a result of the Corona pandemic, a breakthrough in digital medical machinery and equipment technologies.