Akita Newly confirmed male in his 50s infected for 6 consecutive days 11 people in the prefecture New Corona Apr. 4 18:21

It was newly confirmed that a man in his 50s living in Akita Prefecture was infected with the new coronavirus. This man's teenage daughter and wife in their 50s were also infected by the third day, and the number of people who were confirmed to be infected in the prefecture is now 11.

According to Akita Prefecture, the infection was confirmed to be a male employee in his 50s who lives within the jurisdiction of Yurihonjo Health Center in Akita Prefecture.

The man was a father of a teenage female who went to a vocational school in Tokyo where the infection was confirmed on the 2nd, and was judged to be a close contact with her daughter. As a result, the infection was confirmed.

The prefecture has been making adjustments for admission to a designated medical institution, as men have symptoms of discomfort and mild coughs on the throat from the 3rd.

The man lived at home with his daughter who returned home last month on 28th, and his wife in her 50s working as a nursing assistant at a hospital in Yurihonjo city was also confirmed infected for three days. The prefecture states that men are more likely to have secondary infections from their daughters.

Also, Akita has decided to check if there are any close contacts since the man worked at the workplace from last month 30 to this month 1.

On the other hand, two families except the daughter and the couple who have been infected have been tested and found negative by the 4th.

New infections were confirmed in Akita Prefecture for the sixth consecutive day, bringing the total number of infected people to 11.