2500 people insisted on the scene without reignition

On the morning of April 3, the firefighting team cleared the smoke spots in Madao Town.

The members of the Liangshan Detachment of the Armed Police Force at Guangfu Temple are closely watching the fire.

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Xichang Report

After dozens of hours of fighting, the open fire of the forest fire in Jingjiu Township, Xichang City, Liangshan Prefecture was extinguished and entered the stage of cleanup. From the evening of April 2 to April 3, more than 2,500 firefighters were on duty throughout the night, divided into six areas, and carried out carpet-type investigation of the fire area, Lushan was safe!
As of the evening of April 3, there was no resurgence in the fire, but it still had to withstand the test of continuous high temperature, low humidity and windy weather. At present, more than 2,000 rescuers are still standing in the fire.
In this firefighting battle, 18 firefighters and 1 guide of the professional firefighting team in Ningnan County, Liangshan Prefecture were killed, and 3 firefighters were injured. At present, the vital signs of the 3 wounded are stable, and 2 of them with severe burns have been transferred to Chengdu for treatment on April 3.
A memorial service for 19 sacrificed warriors will be held in the funeral home of Xichang City on the morning of April 4.

There was no resurgence at the scene to evacuate residents and return home

The fire is out!
Lushan, Guangfu Temple, a thousand-year-old temple, has gradually returned to its usual state after experiencing a high degree of tension in the first two nights when the line of fire approached more than a hundred meters.
Guanghai Master took four young monks back to the temple, and the five monks who had left behind had already returned half of the monks. They acted as guides for the firefighters and patrolled the mountain together. In the kitchen, the dinner prepared for the firefighters smelled of food.
There are nearly 400 homestays in the ancient city village of Qionghai, which prepared beds, water and meals for the people who evacuated the fire.
During the fire, nearly 30,000 people were evacuated and evacuated in the area around the fire site. Many local hotels, homestays, etc. provided free accommodation for the transferred citizens and rescuers.
"We organized thousands of rooms overnight." Liu Yanling, secretary general of Liangshan Prefecture B & B Association said.
"The fire is ruthless, people are sentimental!" Zhang Tao, the owner of the Libin Hotel, responded to the call for the first time. One-third of the hotel's rooms were reserved for free.
On April 3, the evacuated citizens began to return home one after another.
"I can finally sleep in my own bed." After the fire, the family and villagers of the second group of Yinyao villagers in Xianyao village moved out in time. An old house in the village was burnt down, and the others were safe. "There are too many people to thank ..." Speaking of this, the eyes of a 70-year-old man were once wet.
On the evening of April 3, in view of the effective control of the fire, the entire line of Binhai Road (line 4 and a half kilometers) along the 108th line of Xichang City was cancelled, and social vehicles gradually passed.

Combustion ground-air coordination with 6 areas of the fire site for screening

"There is a smoke point on the upper right, keep in touch." On April 3, on the observation platform of Guangfu Temple, the rescuers found the smoke point on the top of the mountain and informed the front through the intercom. At the corner of the viewing platform, Yuan Ping, headquarter of the Liangshan Prefecture Fire Rescue Detachment, sat next to the generator, keeping an eye on the mountain.
On April 2, after the open fire was extinguished, 17 firefighters, 150 armed police officers and soldiers, and some militia teams were on duty at Guangfu Temple to monitor and protect key areas. They must stay here at least for three days and nights.
In order to prevent the fire from reigniting again, from the evening of April 2 to the morning of April 3, a total of 2578 firefighters were on duty at the fire overnight, divided into the front of Lushan, the back of Zhengda Winery, the ringing ditch of Daying Farm, Jingjiu, and the road , Six areas of the turtle turtle pond, carry out the carpet-type and net-type investigation of the fire area, and clean up a total of 4 smoke points to ensure full coverage, no dead ends, and no rebound.
In addition to ground personnel, fire fighting helicopters are also dispatched to sprinkle water from the air to extinguish fires.
After the fire, three helicopters were dispatched from Xichang Station, China Southern Forest Guard Station, and then three more helicopters were dispatched to support them. A total of six helicopters participated in the fire fighting. The helicopter flew 294 times successively, drawing 1145 tons of water from Qionghai to the fire.
Unlike ordinary forest fires, the fire line is located outside the national scenic spots and surrounded by many important facilities. After day and night fighting, the safety of LPG distribution station, Guangfu Temple, Slave Society Museum, 6 gas stations, 4 schools and other places and facilities, as well as 3 street offices and 2 townships around the fire site were ensured.

Rescue two seriously wounded were transferred to Chengdu for treatment on the 3rd

On the afternoon of April 3, the second press conference of the forest fire in Jingjiu Township, Xichang City was held, and the situation of the three wounded was introduced.
At 8 o'clock on March 31, three wounded persons were escorted by Xichang City People's Hospital emergency ambulance to Xichang Satellite Launch Base Hospital. After diagnosis, one of them was severely burned, one was severely burned, and one was mildly burned. Provincial, state, and municipal health administrative departments immediately initiated emergency response, mobilized high-quality medical resources across the province, established an expert medical team, formulated diagnosis and treatment plans, and implemented 24-hour medical duty and special care.
On the afternoon of March 31, as determined by the consultation of the medical expert group, the three wounded were transferred to the First People's Hospital of Liangshan Prefecture with the best medical conditions in Xichang.
On the morning of April 3, under the escort of a team of experts from the province, state and city, two seriously injured people were transferred to Chengdu for treatment. Among them, the severely wounded were transferred to the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, and the severely wounded were transferred to the Provincial People's Hospital. The two wounded arrived in Chengdu at 2:30 in the afternoon. The vital signs are currently stable. The patients with mild burns continued to be treated in a hospital in Liangshan Prefecture according to their condition and their wishes.
At present, 23 local special classes have been set up to do a good job of sacrificing medical security, emotional counseling and psychological comfort for the family members of the team members.
The press conference on that day also informed the relevant situation of the sacrifice and relief work of the team members.
Ma Tinggui, the mayor of Xichang, said that the party committee and government will do their utmost to raise the children who sacrificed the warriors, take care of the elderly, and arrange their lives.
The press conference informed that the memorial service for the sacrifice of the warriors will be held in the funeral home of Xichang City on the morning of April 4.

Stick to 2000 people in six areas to continue to clean up the fire

According to statistics, after the fire broke out, more than 15,000 people were put out in various fire fighting fronts, more than 30 aircraft sorted, and more than 720 smoke points were cleared.
Although the open flame has been extinguished and no re-ignition has occurred, the fire site is still subject to continuous high temperature, low humidity and windy weather. The local area will continue to insist on the removal of aircraft targets to ensure that the team is not scattered, the personnel are not withdrawn, and strict defense is strictly prevented.
Before the danger is lifted, Xichang will ensure that more than 2,000 firefighting teams will be invested every day, divided into six areas, fixed-point, fixed-person, and fixed-response. jobs.
At present, the cause of the fire has not been identified, and the local area will actively cooperate with the legal investigation of the cause of the fire and related work. At the same time, strengthen fire control and implement 6 measures to strengthen forest (grassland) fire prevention work. The arrival of the Ching Ming Festival will also guide citizens to sacrifice their civilization and prevent the use of fire in the wild.