Kazuko Kurosawa of comedy talent `` Mori Sanchu '' new type corona infection April 4 4:37

A funny comedy, Kazuko Kurosawa (41) from Mori Minaka, was tested and found to be infected with the new coronavirus.

According to his company Yoshimoto Kogyo, Mr. Kurosawa had a fever on the 21st of last month, and then the fever fell, but his taste and smell remained abnormal, so he was diagnosed with pneumonia at a medical institution in Tokyo who was consulted on the 1st of this month. On the 3rd night, the new coronavirus was tested positive for PCR and found to be infected.

Kurosawa says the symptoms of pneumonia subside and there are no coughs.

Mr. Kurosawa participated in the CM shooting on the 25th of last month after the fever subsided, but on the following day, he reported in the news that abnormalities in taste and smell could be symptoms of the new coronavirus, and worked afterwards. Means that you have canceled all and are recuperating at home.

Mr. Kurosawa has not been abroad since March, and has no idea how he became infected.

Yoshimoto Kogyo commented, "We will work to prevent infection under the guidance of medical professionals and government agencies."