China News Network, Chengdu, April 2 (Reporter Liu Zhongjun) The reporter learned from the Sichuan Province Emergency Management Office late on April 1 that in response to the post-earthquake rescue of the 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Shiqu County, Ganzi Prefecture, the department launched a third-level emergency response.

The China Seismological Network determined that at 20:23 on April 1, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake occurred in Shiqu County (33.04 degrees north latitude and 98.92 degrees east longitude) in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan, with a focal depth of 10 kilometers.

After the earthquake, the Emergency Management Department and the China Earthquake Administration attached great importance. Zheng Guoguang, the Deputy Minister of the Emergency Management Department and the director of the China Earthquake Administration, understood the earthquake situation through the emergency command technology system. The Sichuan Provincial Earthquake Administration immediately carried out emergency response work, and the Yangtze River Xiaolin, a deputy bureau, led a working group of 15 people to the earthquake area.

The China Seismological Network Center and the Sichuan Provincial Seismological Bureau immediately organized a joint video conference to analyze and study the situation of subsequent earthquakes. According to preliminary investigation and judgment, the Shiqu earthquake is the main type of residual earthquake, and it is unlikely that a larger earthquake will occur in recent days.

According to Shiqu County news, the local government immediately requested the county emergency management bureau, Changxugongma Township, Wenbo Town, Ariza Town and other relevant departments and townships to immediately carry out disaster investigation and nuclear disaster investigation immediately after the earthquake. There were no casualties. Relevant departments rushed to Changxugong Maxiang for the first time to carry out nuclear disaster, disaster investigation and disaster relief related work. (Finish)