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The implementation of containment to stem the spread of Covid-19 has changed the habits and schedule of many parents. Whether for the care of their child, or for health appointments. Young mothers have indeed asked us the following questions:

“At the beginning of March, we had our daughter's 5 month 3 vaccine. The appointment has been canceled. Should we still do the vaccination or can we postpone the appointment again, because there is always confinement? »Mali

"Containment obliges, can I postpone my baby's vaccination?" »Dada

20 Minutes found the following answers:

We are not going to go there by four paths: yes, we must vaccinate our child although we are in a period of confinement. Wednesday, March 25, the National Union of French Pediatricians (SNPF) split a press release to this effect.

The appeal of the Pediatricians Union. "With the fear and the constraints of confinement, parents no longer come to the compulsory pediatric consultations and to the various compulsory vaccinations", expressed alarm to AFP Dr Mariam-Natacha Haidara, pediatrician working in Paris and the Red Cross, one of the doctors who signed this appeal. He added that "it would be rather ridiculous not to prevent diseases already under control, in the name of a disease that spares babies".

Likewise, "if vaccination coverage is not ensured in its continuity", this could lead "in the months to come, to the resurgence of diseases so far well controlled on the territory", such as measles, whooping cough meningitis, she warned.

Do not wait and seek another specialist. Families whose usual pediatrician has closed his office due to the epidemic crisis should not conclude that "the vaccine can wait", but seek another specialist. Medical visits for the vaccination of toddlers are considered by the health authorities to be part of the "urgent" consultations which remain authorized within the framework of confinement. To get there, you must have the derogatory travel certificate, duly completed (check the consultations and care box which cannot be insured, remote or deferred). You can also request an appointment authorization from the secretariat of your medical office, certifying the need for a consultation.

Screen capture from the Vaccination Info Service site, where you can find recommendations for vaccinating babies and children. - Vaccination Info Service

"It is essential, due to the establishment of early discharge from maternity, that newborns be seen by a pediatrician (or a doctor specifically trained in the care of newborns) within six to eight days who follow their discharge from maternity, "insists the SNPF. Vaccinations of small infants up to 16 months must also be maintained (their list can be found, among others, on the website of the Institut Pasteur). In addition, children with chronic diseases should not interrupt their treatment without consulting their pediatrician. Teleconsultation may be offered whenever possible without risk to the health of the child.

Barrier gestures. Parents can also be reassured about the respect of barrier gestures in medical offices, according to Dr. Mariam-Natacha Haidara, especially since the attendance is much lower than usual: "The number of consultations has much reduced, in particular because, for the bobology, one works by teleconsultation. "

Our vaccine dossier

In absolute terms, and according to article L2132-1 of the Public Health Code, children are subjected to 20 compulsory medical examinations during the first sixteen years. For more details, visit the Vaccination Info Service website.

So that you can see more clearly, 20 Minutes is trying to answer your questions, which you can send us by following the procedure below. Thank you in advance (and take care of yourself)!

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