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How are you? How are you doing? We've been in the house for a few weeks now and, sure, with a messed up head. It is difficult to digest the mixture of terrible figures with the small hope that we all have that the famous curve will flatten at once ...

The time seems that it is allied with us and the spring is staying these first days with the cold and the rain. But it is that, whether we look out the window or not, there are many doubts and few certainties .

This is the fifth episode of the podcast #nosquedemosencasa, which the newspaper EL MUNDO publishes in these confined days. The other day I read that a primary care doctor from the Aliste region, in the north of Zamora , offered his Facebook page to answer questions. Questions about coronavirus symptoms or any other medical issues.

His name is Tomás González Blázquez , he is from Salamanca and I speak to him just after finishing a full weekend on duty. He tells me that Saturday was tough.

Elderly people live in their area and are scattered in different populations . At first his neighbors did not take confinement to the letter, although it seems that they have already got used to the idea of ​​the risks that can be saved.

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