Tales from the Loop - April 3 on Amazon

The cinematographers were inspired by the work of the Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag to create the fantastic series “Tales from the Loop”. The name of the tape was due to his book of the same name.

The multi-part film tells about the adventures of people living next door to a machine capable of discovering and exploring the secrets of the universe.

In “Stories from a Loop”, things from the realm of science fiction are embodied in the real world.

The roles in the series were played by Rebecca Hall, Daniel Zolgadry, Tyler Barnhardt, Duncan Joyner, Nicole Law and others. The project was directed by Mark Romanek, who shot the film “Don't Let Me Go”. Among the screenwriters are Nathaniel Halpern and Simon Stalenhag. The artist also became one of the producers of the series.

Home Before Dark - April 3 on Apple TV +

According to the plot of this detective drama, nine-year-old girl Hilda (she was played by Brooklyn Prince, famous for the movie Project of Florida) moves her family to her father’s hometown. There, a girl begins to become interested in a long-forgotten case of the disappearance of a person.

The plot of the series is inspired by the reports of the young American journalist Hilda Lysyak. She worked in the newspaper Orange Street News (Pennsylvania), which she herself, with the help of her father, founded.

In addition to Brooklyn Prince, the project involved Mila Morgan, Kylie Rogers, Joel Carter, Reed Byrne and others. The directors of the series were Rosemary Rodriguez (The Walking Dead), Kat Candler (13 Reasons Why) and John M. Chu (Insanely Rich Asians).

Survive - April 6th at Quibi

The plane with the main characters - Jane and Paul performed by Sophie Turner ("Game of Thrones") and Corey Hawkins ("Black Clan Man") - crashes in the mountains. The guy and girl are the only survivors. Together they set off in search of civilization. Heroes constantly help each other, and a strong emotional connection arises between them. However, nature is ruthless: according to the novel of the same name by Alex Morel, based on which the series was shot, only one of the heroes will survive.

Sophie Turner mentioned that this role was a great honor for her. According to the actress, Jane is a complex character who is trying to find a source of strength and courage in herself. Turner suggested that her character could inspire people with low self-esteem for inner change.

Mark Pellington, who previously worked on the series Detective Rush and Blind Zone, acted as the director of the tape.

Ricochet - from April 6 on NTV

In the 1990s, the hero of Ricochet apparently broke firewood: he had to stage his own death, leave his native Aninska, change his name, appearance, and lie low. After 20 years, he decides to return home. The former gangster instantly finds himself in the center of the criminal life of the city and becomes a crime fighter.

The main role in the film was played by Alexander Ustyugov, known for the series "The Cop Wars". According to the actor, his character is a “superhero without superpower” living in modern Russian realities.

Screenwriter Denis Karyshev calls “Ricochet” a crime novel with a large number of characters that cannot be divided into good and bad.

“So that the bad ones have some positive features, and the good ones have their own“ skeletons in the closet ”and that is why the viewer is a little more interesting,” the scriptwriter explained.

Most Dangerous Game - April 6th at Quibi

Dodge Maynard (Liam Hemsworth) learns that he is terminally ill, and decides to participate in a strange 24-hour game. In case of victory, Maynard will receive a large sum, which his pregnant wife can live on. Having already entered into an adventure, the hero finds out that he is not a hunter, as previously assumed, but a prey, and they will try to kill him over the next day.

The director of the series - Phil Abraham, known for projects such as “Orange is the hit of the season”, “Think like a criminal: The behavior of a suspect”, “The Walking Dead”, “Breaking Bad”, “Mad Men” and others. The script was produced by Scott Elder (The Saturday Family), Josh Harmon (The Saturday Family), and Nick Santor (The Soprano Clan). The script is based on the story of the same name by Richard Connell.

“Misha spoils everything” - from April 13 at STS

In the informative and entertaining sketch “Misha spoils everything,” Mikhail Galustyan transforms into a variety of characters, constantly gets involved in the affairs of the average Russian family and tries to save her from all kinds of misconceptions and “divorces”.

According to the artist himself, the show “explains a lot, destroys facts and opens eyes to some events”.

The project “Misha spoils everything” is an adaptation of the American series “Adam spoils everything” with comedian Adam Conover in the title role. But, according to producer Timur Akavov, the Russian counterpart does not fully repeat the original show. So the hero of the American series appeared before the audience in one image, and Galustyan is constantly being transformed.

In addition to Mikhail Galustyan, Nikolay Valuev, Evelina Bledans, Elena Nikolaeva, Irina Augshkap, Alexander Nikolsky and others are involved in the project.

“Terrible Tales: City of Angels” (Penny Dreadful: City of Angels) - from April 26 on Showtime and from 27 in Amediateka

"Scary Tales: City of Angels" - spin-off of the mystical "Scary Tales" of 2014 with Eva Green in the title role. The action of the new series takes place in Los Angeles in 1938. Then a brutal murder takes place in the city. Detective Thiago Vega and his partner Lewis Michener undertake to investigate the crime. Heroes see that strange things are happening in the city, in which, as it soon becomes clear, otherworldly forces are involved.

The script of the series belongs to the producer of the original project of 2014, John Logan. The main role in the film was played by Natalie Dormer. According to the actress, her character is a supernatural antagonist who can take on any appearance.