As the new crown epidemic raged around the world, 11 students from the Serbian language department of Shanghai Foreign Studies University in 2019 recorded a Serbian blessing video for Serbia, which was forwarded and thanked by the official blog of the Serbian Embassy in China.

Since the outbreak in Serbia, Serbian language students from Shanghai and abroad have been closely monitoring the situation in Serbia. After President Vucic approached China for help, they realized the critical situation in Serbia and found that netizens were generally unfamiliar with Serbia.

In order to cheer the people of Serbia and to let more people know about the country, with the support of professional teachers, the 11 Serbian language students from Shanghai and abroad participated in the production of the video of solidarity in Serbia It was posted on Weibo.

The class leader Zhou Lifan said that after the filming was confirmed, the teachers and students of the Spanish language jointly wrote the bilingual copywriting, and the video material of the eleven people in the class was all shot in one day. Communication effect. This video has received over 900,000 views and nearly 2,000 comments. (Video source: Edited by Gao Yuhui, reporter of Shanghai Foreign Studies University Xu Jing)

Editor-in-chief: [Ji Xiang]