Emirati poet Mubarak Al-Aoud Al-Amri, who won the title and lightning of "The Million's Poet" in his ninth season yesterday evening, said, "This lightning is heroic and the championship has nothing but its heroes." Stressing that the support of the fans throughout the competition was the most important incentive for him.

The victory was dedicated to the leadership and people of the UAE, and to the UAE champion, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

Al-Amri added, in statements after the victory, that the law is not strange for the Emirates and its people, and that those behind this loyal people can achieve the first positions and humiliate every difficulty. While he indicated in a tweet to him through his personal account on “Twitter”: “Praise be to God for success, as the law has given the leadership and people of the UAE a great thanks and appreciation to a distinguished audience accustomed to the excellence of an Emirati Gulf or Arab, thanks to them for their lofty stances and encouragement, as I am happy to know and accompany my brothers Creative poets, congratulations to all of us Emirati Saudi and Saudi Emirati ».

Al-Amiri won the title of "Poet of the Million, Lightning of Poetry and Financial Prize" (five million dirhams), on Wednesday evening, at the end of the competition of the "Poet of the Million" competition, organized by the Festivals and Cultural and Heritage Management Committee in Abu Dhabi. The rest of the awards were dominated by Saudi poets, and the poet, Mutreb bin Dahim Al-Otaibi, came in second place and received a financial prize of four million dirhams, followed by the poet Mohammed Al Hammadi Al-Otaibi, the third-place winner and a prize of three million dirhams, and Muhammad Al-Bandar Al-Mutairi finished fourth with a prize of two million dirhams. The poet Abdul Majeed Al Ghaydani won the fifth place and one million dirhams, while the poet Ahmed bin Ayed Al Balawi won the sixth place and 600 thousand dirhams.