A pizza worker in the Egyptian city of Tanta caused the isolation of his entire village, which resides within the scope of the Great City of Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra and is approximately 140 kilometers from the capital, Cairo, after he attended a meeting with his company, Cairo, and then returns to his village after receiving the infection from one of those present there, The symptoms and his illness were not discovered until after a period when he had mixed with more than 100 people in the restaurant and his village to confirm his injury after that after he felt sick with a very high temperature.

A source told "Emirates Today", from inside the village, and he refused to mention his name that the entire village was isolated after the worker was confirmed injured and after that 10 cases were discovered by the residents of the village and it was found that these infected cases mixed with a large number of the villagers, and immediately they were isolated, and the application of stone Self-population for 14 days

In detail, the source said: “Symptoms of the disease appeared on the patient coming from a meeting in Cairo, and the doctors reviewed but at first they did not discover the infection and after the disease was discovered he went to the hospital directly, and was placed in isolation but it was later confirmed that his father and mother were injured and 5 of his relatives and 2 employees They were all isolated, and immediately the village was isolated and quarantined, with intensive cleansing campaigns for the village's houses and streets and examination of contacts. Through loudspeakers, citizens were called upon to stay in homes, not to leave their homes, and prevent entry or exit from the village.

A number of volunteer youth in the village formed teams to help those affected by the isolation, where they transport food to homes, get salaries of pensioners and transport them to them in their homes, and charities competed in providing material and food assistance to the residents throughout the period of the stone, as the village youth roams all of its parts To assist with sterilization and disinfection operations.