People are waiting to be tested in front of the IHU in Marseille. - FREDERIC MUNSCH / SIPA

The Comorian community is mobilizing in Marseille to save their people. A support unit has been set up in Marseille to respond to the growing concern of members of the Comorian community. Since last weekend, calls for caution are increasing after several doctors have noted an over-representation of members of the Comorian diaspora among patients of Covid-19 in Marseille.

Available 24 hours a day, at least during containment

Faced with the situation, Haidari Nassurdine, president of the representative council of black associations (Cran) Paca, decided to set up this support cell reachable 24 hours a day at "Its objective is to inform and guide people towards suitable devices, to accompany them in administrative procedures, to support them psychologically and possibly provide help in daily life," he explains.

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- 20 Minutes Marseille (@ 20minutesMars) March 31, 2020

It will be available throughout confinement, and possibly even after. "We have set up with the help of Comorians and people from other nationalities this support cell, placed under the sponsorship and operational support of the muftorat and other religious authorities", specifies Haidari Nassurdine.


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