The Executive Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passed the amendments to the Prevention and Control of Diseases (Regulations and Instructions) (Business and Premises) Amendment Regulations 2020 on the morning of April 1, expanding the scope of the new regulations for the prevention and control of diseases, closing karaoke and Sparrow Tianjiu There are three types of entertainment venues and night clubs. At the same time, karaoke and sparrow Tianjiu entertainment activities in restaurants and clubs are suspended for 14 days. The government gazetted on the afternoon of April 1st, and came into effect at 6 pm. The reporter visited some karaoke and sparrow houses in Hong Kong in the evening and found that the relevant places have been closed.

The CEO of the karaoke store in Hong Kong is located in Emperor Centre Shopping Centre. The reporter saw that the third and fourth floors of the karaoke store have been closed and the elevators have been shut down. A notice has been posted on the first floor to show that the store will stop on April 1 in accordance with government regulations. Open for 14 days.

The Hong Kong chain Mahjong Pavilion, the Prosperous Sparrow Entertainment company store, also closed at 6 pm. The iron gate has been pulled down and posted a "nobody, etc., not allowed to enter" notice. Only the back door is available for staff to enter and exit.

The “Caribbean Sauna” in the bathing city also closed the first floor of the store, and the high-rise building where the sauna was located could still see the lights.

The Regulation also includes the regulation of beauty salons, clubs, and massage parlour premises. Anyone who enters such premises must take a temperature measurement. After entering, they must wear a mask as much as possible. Such premises must provide guests with disinfection and cleaning. Hand Liquid.

It is understood that on March 28, Hong Kong began to implement new regulations requiring six categories of high-risk places to be closed for 14 days, including game consoles, bathrooms, fitness centers, playgrounds, theaters, and party rooms, but karaoke was not included at the time. , Sparrow House.

Reporter Zheng Xing Hong Kong report editor Gao Yuhui

Editor-in-chief: [Chen Haifeng]