Hashtag, the able Kuwaiti artist, "Hayat Al-Fahad", topped the Twitter Trend list in Egypt and the Arab Gulf countries, but this time by thousands of fans, lovers and followers who denounced a statement by the artist calling for the deportation of all non-Kuwaiti expatriates who are infected with the Corona virus .

The statements of Hayat Al-Fahd, 72, of the Kuwaiti channel "ATV" have angered the fans of the artist known for her humanity, so that many questioned the matter and considered it as a fake. It is not inconceivable for an artist to establish the Cheetah to say such words that were described as racist .

The life of the cheetah appeared in the "crisis and transgression" program in a state of great emotion due to the consequences of the Corona virus, which caused great pressure on hospitals and caused the price of food commodities to be raised, and what the cheetah said: “We are tired of salvation, we do not have hospitals, and what their homes are doing is not clear. In them, we have reached a stage where we are full of salvation . ”

During her meeting, Al-Fahad added: “By God, something is invincible. Today, the driver is busy answering onions in all the market, two dimensions in one, and he is offered an onion bag for 12 dinars .

A large number of Kuwaitis demanded the artist to offer an apology, considering that her words do not reflect Kuwait and its known human attitudes. One of the followers said, "Kuwait is the state of humanity", while another blogger said: "Mbb Mossadak is that this is the life of the cheetah, which I follow from the day we are young ."

It is noteworthy that Hayat Al-Fahd, born in 1948, worked as an actress, broadcaster and writer, and she is considered one of the most prominent artists in the Gulf and besides being an actress, she has written many TV works, and she has one poetry collection called "Etab".

Video The life of the cheetah: "What do you want in their homes to show us when we are cursing them? ... Show them, drop them by righteousness, and God, if I drop them on land" pic.twitter.com/EXVkVsxtpf

- Baraka (@ BrkaQ8) March 31, 2020