Heihe, China, April 1st (Reporter Wang Lin) On April 1, 87 Chinese citizens studying, working, visiting relatives and doing business in Russia returned to China through the temporary passenger channel opened at the Blagoveshchensk-Heihe port. Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang, dispatched local vehicles to uniformly send immigrants from the isolation passage of the Heihe Port Travel Inspection Hall directly to the isolation point to strictly prevent the import of overseas epidemics.

Heihe City is located on the China-Russia border, and there is a huge flow of cargo at the port. During the epidemic, the Heihe City Government of China and the Russian Amur State Government reached a consensus on temporary customs clearance. On March 27, the Russian government issued a "Seal" order, stating that from 00:00 on March 30, temporary restrictions on crossing the Russian border through roads, railways, pedestrians, water and integrated ports will result in the stay of some Chinese citizens. .

Knowing this, China's Heihe Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government strengthened communication with the Russian Amur State Government, and the two sides decided to continue to open temporary passenger inspection passages. In order to help the Chinese citizens stranded in Russia to return home smoothly, the Heihe City Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters instructed the Heihe City Foreign Affairs Office to make timely announcements through online media at home and abroad, and set up a special person to follow up. As a result, the Foreign Affairs Office of Heihe City got in touch with Chinese citizens stranded abroad, one by one to understand their basic situation and related needs, to provide answers in terms of isolation measures, costs, and payment methods, and cooperate with relevant departments to arrange customs clearance.

Subsequently, the staff of the relevant departments of Heihe City quickly arrived at the post, fully disinfected the Heihe Port Joint Inspection Hall, sent full-time personnel to be on-site to maintain and maintain order, and measured the body temperature and collected information for the Chinese citizens who entered the country; Three quarantine points provide free professional medical testing, and strictly implement 14-day centralized quarantine health observation in accordance with epidemic prevention and control requirements.

On the same day, after successfully entering the territory of China, Chinese student Kong Weike, who was stranded in Blagoveshchensk, Russia, said, "Thank you very much for the Heihe City Government and the Foreign Affairs Department for helping us return to China, so that students studying abroad have a sense of security and belonging Before returning to China, we have already declared personal information to Heihe, and we will actively cooperate and isolate to ensure the safety of ourselves and others when we return. "(End)