2 Keio University students confirmed new infections March 24 21:03 for a total of 24 people at Kyoto University

Kyoto City has announced that it has been newly confirmed that two students of Kyoto Sangyo University have been infected with the new coronavirus. At Kyoto Sangyo University, the infection is spreading among the participants of the seminar farewell party, and there are a total of 24 infected students and those around them.

Two newly infected female students in their 20s attending Kyoto Sangyo University in Kita-ku, Kyoto.

According to Kyoto City, one of the female students was attending a farewell party for a university seminar held at a pub in the city on 19th of this month with a student whose infection had been confirmed.

The other female student is a contact with another student who has been confirmed infected.

The two had symptoms such as fever and cough, but both were mild.

At Kyoto Sangyo University, infections have spread among participants at seminar farewell parties and club social gatherings, and up to 24 people have been infected at participating students and their surroundings so far. You.

Because some students have returned home during the spring break, Kyoto City has decided to work with local governments to inspect all students who participated in farewell parties and check who has contacted.

The number of infected people in Kyoto is now 58.