Tokyo Metropolitan High School Adjusted by continuing to close until large holidays New Coronavirus April 1 4:50

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Tokyo Metropolitan High School, which has been closed from temporary closure to spring break, has been adjusted so that it will be closed until the end of the major consecutive holiday in May, taking into account the future policy of the country. I learned this through interviews with the people involved.

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education has prepared measures to prevent student infection at metropolitan high schools, etc., which are now in spring break after temporary closure, and are preparing for the new semester from April. We are preparing.

However, according to stakeholders, as the outbreak continues to spread in Tokyo and the city is calling for a refrain from going out of the city, adjustments are being made to delay the start of the new semester.

Specifically, the school will be closed until the long holiday in May is over, and the formal decision will be taken at the upcoming Board of Education meeting taking into account the country's future policy. is.

It is expected that the Board of Education of the municipalities in charge of elementary and junior high schools will be informed of the measures to be taken at metropolitan schools and will consider measures appropriate to the local situation.