A respirator is currently being tried in some London hospitals, which can help Corona virus patients. A team with which Mercedes has spent less than a week developing it.

CPA devices were used in China and Italy to deliver air and oxygen to patients ’lungs and help them breathe without having to place them on ventilators, which represent stronger medical intervention.

The supervisory authority has already approved CBEB devices, and 100 of them will be handed over to University College Hospital in London for trial before being distributed to other hospitals.

Reports from Italy indicate that approximately 50 percent of patients who were placed on CPAP devices did not need ventilators that require patient anesthesia, which allowed these vital devices to be in greatest need.

"Mercedes can manufacture 1,000 devices per day within a week, and if the trials go well, the NHS can get them by the end of the week," said Rebecca Shipley, director of the Institute of Health Care Engineering of the University College Hospital, told the BBC. .

On the other hand, a source told Reuters that Britain announced on Monday that it had asked a coalition of companies including Ford, Airbus and Rolls-Royce to manufacture ten thousand respirators as part of efforts to combat the Corona virus.