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Suzanne Hoylaerts, a 90-year-old woman from the Belgian town of Binkom, near Lubbeek, went to the doctor accompanied by her daughter Judith when she began to feel short of breath and had lost her appetite. The woman was hospitalized and tested positive for coronavirus. It was then that they had to isolate her and therefore separate her from her daughter.

That's when, according to FoxNewx reports, the woman asked doctors to use an artificial respirator with her. "I don't want to use artificial respiration. Save it for younger patients. I've already had a good life," said the old woman.

Unfortunately, Suzanne died on March 22, two days after being admitted, due to lack of oxygen.

Her daughter Judith assures that Suzanne

Judith, the daughter of Suzanne, has assured that her mother was admitted last year for pneumonia and that, although she lived alone, she had taken the confinement "very seriously". Devastated by the loss, Judith claims that her mother told her before being isolated: "You shouldn't cry, you did everything you could." Added to the tragedy is the fact that he was unable to accompany his mother in the last moments: "I cannot say goodbye to her and I do not even have the opportunity to attend her funeral"

The situation in Belgium is the one experienced by the rest of the world due to the pandemic, hospitals crowded with people who need respirators, an object that is scarce in all countries due to the high number of patients affected by COVID-19.

Many people on social networks have mourned the death of the old Belgian woman and have called her a heroin. Suzanne's story is an example of solidarity and kindness in the most difficult moments.

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