The British Food and Drug Authority has warned that taking "grapefruit" along with some medications and drugs may have severe health consequences that may lead to death. And the authority’s references in a study published by “Russia Today”
That many people eat this fruit due to its usefulness and containing a large amount of dietary fiber and low calories that give it to the body, but the great danger lies if it is taken with certain drugs and drugs that may interact and cause great damage to their health condition.

The study indicated that "grapefruit" contains active substances such as "Furanocomarin", which disrupts the action of the enzyme pseudocroom P45 in the body and is responsible for the concentration of drugs and toxins in the blood. When this enzyme is inactivated, the active substances of the drugs accumulate in the body in quantities dangerous to health and life. Or, vice versa, causes a decrease in drug efficacy due to a decrease in the concentration of the active substance in the blood.

And the "grapefruit" affects about 50 types of drugs and drugs intended to treat certain diseases, and those that reduce cholesterol in the blood and special drugs in the treatment of heart palpitations and pain relievers, drugs used to reduce the level of blood pressure and antihistamines, and anti-cancer drugs and medicines containing Estrogen, including birth control pills, and Viagra. Among the negative symptoms that occur disruption of the work of the heart to sudden cardiac arrest, blood clot and kidney damage, bone marrow injury and damage to muscle fibers.