At 15:51 on March 30, 2020, the forest fire prevention headquarters office in Xichang, Sichuan received a phone call to report that a forest fire had occurred in the direction of Ma'anshan. It was initially determined that the location of the fire was at Daying Farm in Liangshan Prefecture. Spread to Laoshan.

Immediately after the fire broke out, Xichang City initiated an emergency plan. Relevant departments rushed to the scene to direct the rescue, and promptly organized more than 300 professional fire suppression teams and more than 700 emergency militiamen for disposal. People have been evacuated urgently and the surrounding key enterprises have no casualties. Follow-up reports are pending! (He Yan, Tang Yan, Sichuan Reporter, Gao Yuhui)

Editor-in-chief: [Ji Xiang]