Ken Shimura died Voice of sadness from those who had friendship March 30 12:47

Someone who had a friendship with Mr. Shimura has expressed his sadness about the death of comedian Ken Shimura.

Ken Naoko "I can't think of anything"

Singer Naoko Ken, who co-starred with Ken Shimura on a variety show and had a friendship, commented on her own Twitter.

After 10 am I tweeted, "Ken-chan, no good (tears), what can I do ...", and after 11 am, "I can't think of anything right now. I'm too sad I can't organize my feelings too much I was happy to work together Thank you ... "

Nobuyoshi Kuwano "Princess! It's a lie ..."

Nobuyoshi Kuwano updated his official blog at around 10 am today and wrote, "I knew the bad news of Ken Shimura.

LaSalle Ishii: "I can't believe it. What should I do?"

Mr. LaSalle Ishii said on Twitter, “Shimura is still a great actor. I have been making plays together for more than 15 years, but I really love the plays. And I ’m good. After that, he tweeted again and wrote, "I just tweeted about Mr. Shima. I can't believe it. What should I do?"

Akiko Wada “I'm sorry”

Akiko Wada, a talented singer who had a friendship with a variety show, released a comment.

In his relationship with Shimura-san when he was working behind the scenes, he wrote that he wanted him to be called in the old way, saying, "I'm sorry anyway. I was so glad I bought it every time, and it was really amazing because I was really good at music, my talent for laughing was so bad, and it was amazing The last thing I met was the New Year's program, which was saying, "Because I'm both old, I'm grateful for my work and I'll do my best." One more talented person died. I'm really sorry, I sincerely pray for your happiness. "