The first Peking Opera talk show "See you on stage" premiere Wang Yunyu: Just be interesting, not great

Our reporter Niu Chunmei

At 12:00 on March 27, the first Peking Opera talk show "See You on the Stage" was broadcast on iQiyi. In the program, with the help of variety show platform, the well-known Peking opera actor Wang Xiuyu told the audience the stories, rules and knowledge in front of and behind the Peking Opera platform.

Wang Yuyu once said on variety shows that "there are only two people in the world, one is a person who likes Peking opera, and the other is a person who does not know she likes Peking opera." Whether she is participating in various variety shows across the border or Nowadays, I personally plan and host a variety of Peking Opera in order to make people who do not know they like Peking Opera know and like Peking Opera. The form of talk show was chosen because it has been holding various lectures and unvoiced operas of Peking Opera for the past ten years, and has accumulated a lot of experience and is most confident in doing it.

It is not easy to make Peking opera a variety show. Wang Yuyu said that she always wanted to be a Peking opera network variety show. She started planning as early as two years ago. She also contacted many platforms, producers, and television stations, and experienced many ups and downs. Going around, finally reached a cooperation with iQiyi.

The first episode was less than thirty minutes, cut from the drama TV series "Bianbian not Begonia Red" which is currently on the scene, and tells the growth of the famous Peking Opera corner. It seems that Wang Xiuyu is also a fan of this drama. The identity, lines and performance of the people in the drama are all hand-held. "It is not easy to have a TV drama with a drama theme today. This drama has made a lot of efforts in Beijing opera."

In the TV series, Shang Xirui is called "Shang Boss", and fans also call Wang Xiuyu "Boss Yu", and she starts with this "Boss". "In the past, there were two kinds of bosses in Liyuan, one on the stage and one behind the scenes." She said that each Peking opera actor has a "boss dream" because it means noble in the background and cheers at the front desk. . Speaking of the story of how Tan Xinpei, Mei Lanfang, and Yu Shuyan brought their younger generations and each other's achievements back then, her sentence "The stage career of the famous Beijing opera celebrity has never been a one-man show. The reason why she became a celebrity must be first "People carry it, then they become others", highlighting the hundreds of years of Peking Opera heritage. During her narration, she also interspersed with many Peking opera tips and nouns, either spoken by her, or popped up on the screen to let the audience know what a “water brand” is and what a “bag” "Back position".

The program features the story of Liyuan, a pleasing performance, and timely pop-up tips, which are enough for audiences who are completely unfamiliar with Peking opera to get a preliminary understanding of the growth of Peking opera actors. In Liyuan, there are many rules and specialities. The laymen of professional terms and nouns often sound like a cloud cover, while Wang Yuyu is as straightforward and interesting as possible. She called the celebrity's difficult road to fame as "daguai upgrade", called "water brand" as a poster, linked the way the actor's name on the water brand was written with today's "lying and winning", and improvised drummers. The play is called "freestyle" ...

The program seems very simple, but the insider may feel that the knowledge is too shallow, but it is not easy for Wang Yiyu. "In order to do this program, my friends often have to stay up all night. Encyclopedias and essays have been turned over and over again, and they have invested a lot of time and energy. "This is not the hardest part of this show." The hardest part is how to coordinate the professional and public aesthetic orientation and taste, and how to stay in the profession. Under the premise, make the ordinary audience find it interesting. "

In terms of content design, she tried to keep the show as grounded as possible, from the current topic to the history, such as from today ’s rice circle culture to how audiences chased the corners of Peking opera in the past, and then output the culture of Peking opera in the process of telling Knowledge. "The biggest hard work of making this show is not physical and mental strength, but mentality. I have been entangled in a topic countless times. I must insist that others will find it boring and tedious. I often compete with myself because of this." Wang Yunyu said, the whole The process of program planning and production is to continually debate and compromise, and finally reach a consensus.

During the epidemic, she was very decadent. "I felt that I could not play any more role in the epidemic, and I felt very powerless. Later, I used this time to make" Yu You on the Stage ", and I was very happy." The positioning of the show, she felt that "it's fun, it doesn't have to be great. Once it's great, the audience feels it's not enough."

I have participated in many variety shows in the past few years, and now I am doing my own variety show, and I am willing to continue to participate in variety shows even in the future. Wang Xiuyu is not worried that people say that they are "not doing business", "I have been able to coordinate and arrange professionally Outside of work, and participating in variety shows is a means of spreading and promoting Peking opera for me, not for fame, I will do it if I can better promote Peking opera. "