Even today (30th), during the daytime, the temperature will rise significantly with the warm spring sunshine.

Seoul's daytime temperature will rise to 17 degrees and Gwangju and Daegu 18 degrees, so it will be 2 to 5 degrees higher than yesterday.

But when the sun goes down, it quickly becomes chilly again. Don't forget to regulate your body temperature, and you should do well.

The atmosphere is drying up again. Drying advisory is being fermented mainly in the Midwest.

In the future, the construction newsletter will gradually expand to other regions.

Then look at the clouds. Currently, the central region is clear, but there are some clouds in the southern and Jeju islands.

Jeju Island can also raindrops sporadically during the day.

The clouds in the southern region will gradually clear. Air quality will be normal in the clear sky today.

Daytime temperatures are mostly above 15 degrees in the whole country, making it warmer than this year.

Tomorrow is in Jeju Island, and More is raining in Yeongdong and the South Coast.

(Jeong Ju-hee Weather Caster)