China News Service, Taiyuan, March 29th, by the topic: The battle of the epidemic on the tip of the tongue: the meal-sharing system opens a new diet

Author Yang Peipei

At present, most areas of China have become the low-risk areas of the new crown epidemic. With the orderly progress of resumption of work and production, catering services in various places have resumed. Registration of temperature measurement, divided meals, one table for one person, public spoon of chopsticks ... A battle "epidemic" on the tip of the tongue started, and a new style of diet was opened.

Data sheet: A restaurant has prepared plastic bags for diners to store disposable masks. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Zhongjun

Shanxi Province's Deputy Governor Wang Yixin “led the restaurant” to help the catering industry recover. At a knife-and-noodle chain in Shanxi, he lined up to order, and after paying for the meal using his mobile phone, he chose a small table to eat alone. Wang Yixin said that the food and beverage industry can do a meal after doing a good job of measuring the temperature at the door of the customer and opening a proper dining distance.

During the epidemic, the meal sharing system re-entered the public eye. Recently, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Guangzhou, Jinan and many other places have issued initiatives to implement a meal-sharing system, a public chopsticks system or a double-chopstick system. Some provinces and cities have also formulated local standards for a meal-sharing system.

In Taiyuan, Shanxi, a number of catering companies that specialize in mid-to-high-end business banquets, provide customers with meal-sharing utensils and public spoons and chopsticks. A number of person in charge of catering industry said that enterprises choose different food distribution modes according to their type. In the epidemic, as far as the "one person, one table" dining mode is concerned, fast-food consumer restaurants are easier to achieve.

As a global fast-food chain brand, KFC in China has gradually opened up dine-in and launched the "one person, one table" meal-sharing system. After taking a temperature measurement, registering personal information, and presenting a health code, the reporter entered a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant located on Taoyuan North Road, Taiyuan, Shanxi.

The person in charge of the restaurant said that in order to avoid face-to-face dining, the restaurant only reserved one dining chair per table, and implemented "one person, one table". After the customer leaves, the staff disinfects the accessible places such as tables and chairs according to the method of sterilizing one table and one table. At the same time, the restaurant sterilizes the public areas every hour.

"'One person, one table' is more healthy to eat. But if I dine with family and colleagues in restaurants that are not suitable for split meals, I will require the use of public spoons." Customer Ni Hong said that during the epidemic, using public spoons became Her must-have option, you can rest assured that you can enjoy the food and avoid cross-spreading of the disease.

In addition, among various food and beverage categories, most people want to eat hot pot after the epidemic. In order to protect the health of the people, hot pot restaurants across China actively provide customers with public spoons of public chopsticks. As the meal-sharing system is mentioned again, the small hot pot category is also welcome. During a pandemic, a hot pot chain restaurant in China promoted a "one person, one pot" meal-sharing system.

A few days ago, the official website of the World Federation of Chinese Food Industry Association announced that the group standard of "Service Specification for Chinese Meal Dividing System, Public Chopsticks System and Double Chopsticks System" was officially released and implemented, marking the "three systems" of Chinese food, that is, "division system, public chopsticks system, double chopsticks System ", from industry initiatives to standardization.

Feng Shourui, president of the Shanxi Culinary, Catering and Restaurant Industry Association, said that the use of public spoons and chopsticks is a simple and easy way for healthy eating. Many catering companies in Shanxi have been providing public spoon service, especially during the epidemic. The divided meal system requires more service staff and utensil facilities, which is suitable for private room services and high-end banquets. (Finish)