Closed at tourist facilities and recreational areas in Tokyo on the 29th New Coronavirus March 29 7:52

In response to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government calling for unnecessary emergency outings this weekend, some tourist facilities and recreational areas in Tokyo have been temporarily closed on the 29th.

What is temporarily closed on the 29th is
▽ "Tama Zoological Park" (Hino City)
▽ “Yomiuri Land” (Inagi City)
▽ "Ueno Forest Museum" (Taito-ku)
▽ "Suzumoto Performing Arts Center" (Taito-ku)
▽ “Asakusa Performing Arts Hall” (Taito-ku)
▽ "Shinjuku Suehirotei" (Shinjuku-ku)
▽ “Ikebukuro Performing Arts Center” (Toshima Ward)
▽ “Hamarikyu Garden” (Chuo Ward)
▽ "Rikugien" (Bunkyo-ku)
▽ "Showa Memorial Park" (Tachikawa City, Akishima City)
展望 Observation deck (Shibuya-ku) of "Shibuya Scramble Square".

In addition, we are already closed: "Tokyo Sky Tree" (Sumida-ku)
▽ "Sanrio Puroland" (Tama City)
▽ “Tokyo Dome City Attractions” (Bunkyo-ku)
▽ "Ueno Zoo" (Taito-ku)
▽ "Tokyo National Museum" (Taito-ku)
▽ “Shinagawa Aquarium” (Shinagawa City)
▽ “Sunshine Aquarium” (Toshima Ward)
▽ “Shinjuku Gyoen” (Shinjuku-ku, Shibuya-ku) will continue to be closed this weekend.

In addition, in the vicinity of Tokyo, the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, which resumed business on March 21, has been temporarily closed again, and the already closed Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea have also been closed. You.

Information on such leave is also posted on the website of each facility.