On March 26, a little girl in Gongming Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen was stuck with plastic objects on her head. After the firefighters arrived at the scene, a little girl nearly one year old was curious when playing and would use plastic sleeves for decoration. On the head, the position is just stuck on the upper jaw of the mouth, and the parents try to save themselves, but because the child's skin is delicate, they dare not pull it out too hard. After covering a layer of clothing on the little girl's face and inserting medical cotton into the little girl's ears, one firefighter clenched the plastic tube with his hand, and the other fireman held a chainsaw for demolition and was successfully rescued after ten minutes. Child, child is not injured.

Reporter Zheng Xiaohong correspondent Zhang Junbin reports from Shenzhen

Editor-in-chief: [Luo Pan]