Experts point out that “cherry blossom viewing should be avoided around the venue” March 28 11:09

A member of the government's expert meeting on new types of coronavirus control, Professor Hitoshi Oshitani of Tohoku University, who is familiar with infectious diseases, said that cherry blossom viewing should be avoided at places where many people gather, saying, Some people may think that there is a risk around the cherry blossom viewing site. There is a risk of getting infected in a small restaurant, temporary prefab, tent, etc., eating and drinking and talking together with the cherry blossoms. " Points out.

Professor Oshitani points out that it is important to thoroughly avoid the "three densities" of closed spaces with poor ventilation, places where people are crowded, and close conversations at close distances.

Professor Oshitani commented on precautions when spending at home, saying, `` At home, provide adequate ventilation, disinfect toilets, and if there are people with symptoms, spend as much time as possible in another room. I want to go out and take a walk, because I sometimes feel like I'm at home. "