Singer Wheesung was on the subject of investigation for allegedly administering propofol, a sleep-inducing drug, a psychotropic drug. Police are planning to apply for a warrant for arrest because Wheesung has given a large dose of propofol.

The police reportedly secured a statement and proof that Wheesung had taken a large amount of propofol during the arrest and investigation of a drug dealer. Wheesung was previously investigated for the administration of propofol at the time of military service in 2013.

At the time, Wheesung explained, "I was only given a small amount legally for therapeutic purposes." However, six years later, Amy, who was sentenced to probation for illegally administering propofol, caused a ripple by exposing "I did a propofol with her close friend Wheesung."

At the time, Amy said, "I tried to protect Wheesung, but later I thought that Wheesung was using me, so I was going to expose everything." A few days later, Wheesung revealed that her revelation was true and she apologized for tears. The exposure was stopped.

At the time of 2018, Wheeseong was prosecutored for illegal prescription of sleeping pills, but at the time, he was prosecuted after being acknowledged that he was suffering from severe insomnia for years as well as being in a difficult situation such as family history.

In December of last year, Wheesung canceled the nationwide tour at the end of the year, complaining of the gluteal gluteal rupture and knee tingling symptoms. The agency does not reveal any particular position regarding the administration of propofol.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yun)