We could be approaching the "long-awaited peak", but Spain is still under the yoke of the coronavirus pandemic. The data shows a strong increase again: 64,059 cases, 4,858 deaths and 9,444 infected toilets. The only good news is that the recovered ones continue to grow, which are already 9,357.

Coronavirus data in Spain

    Total figures: 64,059 cases of coronavirus diagnosed, 4,858 dead

  • 19,243 in Madrid (2,412 dead)
  • 12,940 in Catalonia (880 dead)
  • 4,601 in the Basque Country (207 dead)
  • 4,132 in Castilla y León (321 dead)
  • 3,934 in Castilla-La Mancha (367 dead)
  • 3,793 in Andalusia (144 dead)
  • 3,532 in the Valencian Community (198 dead)
  • 2,322 in Galicia (43 dead)
  • 1,641 in Navarra (58 dead)
  • 1,338 in Aragon (58 dead)
  • 1,236 in La Rioja (55 dead)
  • 1,231 in Extremadura (69 dead)
  • 900 in Asturias (29 dead)
  • 878 in the Canary Islands (27 dead)
  • 810 in Cantabria (21 dead)
  • 755 in the Balearic Islands (22 dead)
  • 714 in Murcia (15 dead)
  • 42 in Melilla (1 dead)
  • 17 in Ceuta
  • 9,357 people have been cured
  • Source: Ministry of Health

15:32 The Government prohibits firing during the COVID-19 crisis

The Government has decided to prohibit layoffs during the coronavirus crisis, as stated by the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, after the meeting of the Council of Ministers. "You can't take advantage of COVID-19 to fire," he said.

The Minister of Labor assured at the press conference of the Council of Ministers that a series of social measures have been taken. The first of them that "in this country you cannot take advantage of the coronavirus to fire anyone, we will automatically review all ERTES"

15:20 María Jesús Montero: "This crisis will not be resolved if each country acts on its own"

Government spokeswoman María Jesús Montero has assured in the press conference after the council of ministers that "This crisis will not be resolved if each country acts on its own", referring to the lack of agreement yesterday at the meeting of the the European Union. For his part, Minister Salvador Illa has assured that Spain has closed contracts to buy the necessary material against the coronavirus for a value of 578 million euros.

15:14 Catalonia has registered 2,384 hospital discharges of those affected by coronavirus

The Minister of Health of the Generalitat, Alba Vergés, announced this Friday that 2,384 people diagnosed with coronavirus have been discharged from the hospital: 2,008 in Barcelona, ​​204 in Central Catalonia, 110 in Girona, 40 in Tarragona, 16 in Lleida, five in Alt Pirineu and Arán and one in Terres de l'Ebre.

He did so at a telematic press conference accompanied by the Minister of the Presidency and spokesperson for the Govern, Meritxell Budó, and the Minister of the Interior of the Generalitat, Miquel Buch; in which he has claimed "the effort of the Catalan health network to reorder healthcare flows" and expand care spaces, reports Europa Press.

14.55 Spain will be one of the economies that suffers the most from the coronavirus

Each month of confinement will have such an economic impact that it will subtract up to two percentage points from economic growth. So "if the closure lasts for three months, annual GDP growth could be between four and six percentage points."

OECD Secretary General Ángel Gurría yesterday conveyed to the G20 leaders these worrisome estimates on the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis, as he himself pointed out that it is too early to speak of forecasts, and in which he also He stated that Spain will be one of the economies that suffers the most from the "unprecedented measures" that the governments have had to apply. Daniel Viaña reports . [Read the complete information]

14.53 Sánchez, after the fiasco of the European Council: "Europe cannot fail its citizens again"

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez , has reacted to the fiasco last night at the European Council , unable to agree on an imminent and joint response by the EU to the economic crisis created by the coronavirus, with a series of tweets very critical of what happened.

Sánchez recalls that we are facing the "worst possible crisis of our generation" and that it is necessary for the EU to be able to articulate a joint and effective response to this tragedy. "The EU must learn the lessons of the past and not fail citizens again," warns the Spanish president. [See Pedro Sánchez's complete thread of tweets]

14.47 The Ministry of Health recognizes that the failed tests that have been returned to China are 58,000

The Ministry of Health recognizes the failed tests that it acquired from the Chinese company Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology were not 8,000, but 58,000. In other words, in addition to those that were distributed -without prior validation- to the Community of Madrid, there were another 50,000, who "arrived in different batches", according to sources in the department confirmed by the department led by Salvador Illa .

Health insists that these tests were never used and that they have already been returned. And that the 580,000 that remain to arrive will not, obviously, be of that type, but will have a higher certification, and proven reliability. Juanma Lamet reports . [Read the complete information]

14.46 The refusal of Health to the SOS of a residence in Madrid that adds 14 deaths in three days

"We are waiting", "we do not have", "there are not enough for us", "I am sorry that I cannot meet your needs". This is, broadly speaking , the response that the nursing home Ballesol Mirasierra received on Monday from the health center assigned to it when asked by telephone, and later by email, to supply him with a Covid-19 test , bullets of oxygen and FFP2 masks to cope with the coronavirus tsunami.

The management of the center has been demanding for more than two weeks the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid , since the state of alarm was decreed, to provide it with all the necessary material to face the pandemic, but, according to it affirms The spokesman for the residence, Mariano López de Ayala , has not sent them "anything". Virginia Gómez reports . [Read the complete information here]

14.39 ERTE at Atlético de Madrid

Atlético de Madrid has presented an ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation File) that affects the majority of its around 500 workers, including the players and the coaching staff of the first team. In a letter sent to the club's members, the CEO, Miguel Ángel Gil , explains that the measure is essential "to safeguard the future of Atlético de Madrid." Eduardo Castelao reports .

14.27 The Police riot water cannon begins to disinfect the streets of Madrid

The riot truck with water cannon of the Police Police Intervention Unit (IPU) , the only one of its kind that exists in the body, has begun to operate in Madrid to disinfect the streets of the capital.

The idea of ​​the police controls was launched on Wednesday and the vehicle is also being used to clean the different headquarters of the National Police . The tanqueta, known by the nickname of botijo, releases disinfecting steam on streets, vehicles and facades. Luis Fernando Durán reports . [Read the complete information]

14.19 Front row armchair to enjoy from the Circo del Sol house

One of the most viewed shows in the world, Cirque du Soleil , also wants to do its bit to alleviate the confinement that half the world is experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, given the impossibility of seeing some of its performances live and to contribute to the entertainment of the entire family, it has announced the creation of a new digital platform in which, in addition to seeing some of the most special moments of some of its shows. Users will be able to enjoy virtual reality experiences, train, learn makeup techniques from one of their specialists or sing and dance.

The digital content website, called CirqueConn , is available at cirquedusoleil.com/cirqueconnect. On March 27, at 8:00 p.m. (Spanish time), he will premiere a 60-minute special, which brings together some of the most special moments of three of his iconic shows: Kurios -Cabinet of Curiosities- , O and Luzia , aimed at public of all ages. C. Ruiz reports . [Read the complete information]

14.09 The Generalitat suspends public works contracts in Catalonia

The Catalan Government has suspended this Friday the execution of works contracts of the Generalitat and the public sector during the validity of the state of alarm for the coronavirus , as announced by the Minister of the Presidency and Cabinet spokesperson, Meritxell Budó , after an Executive Council extraordinary. The Autonomous Administration has informed that it will bear the costs of workers and machinery and has detailed that there were 37 works of the Generalitat underway before the state of alarm: 17 were voluntarily paralyzed and now the rest can be stopped. Gerard Melgar reports .

14.03 Barcelona requires the Generalitat an urgent action plan in the nursing homes

The Barcelona City Council urges the Generalitat to activate "immediately" and "urgently" an action plan in the 255 public and private elderly residences in the city after confirming that the reinforcements of the Department of Afers Socials are "insufficient" . That is why it offers municipal services to help and indicates that some residences have directly requested support from the Military Emergency Unit . Germán González reports .

13.58 The lack of protection of the toilets in Andalusia reaches the courts

The lack of protection for health workers in Andalusia comes to court after the USO union has filed a lawsuit asking for precautionary measures to provide professionals with material. Some receive a mask for days of up to 12 hours.

The Andalusian Government admits that it does not have enough although it does "everything humanly possible" and points to the Ministry of Health . Of the 800,000 masks promised by Illa to Andalusia, only 250,000 have arrived. Chema Rodríguez reports . [Read the complete information]

13.56 Go Fit gyms donate 500 respirators to the Madrid City Council

The Ingesport Group , a company of Go Fit gyms, has donated to the Madrid City Council fifty hundred respirators and makes its seven centers in Madrid available to local and health authorities, in view of the advance of the Covid-19 , as well as in the different provinces Spanish where it is present. The donated respirators are destined for the field hospital installed in pavilions 5, 7 and 9 of Ifema . Luis Fernando Durán reports .

13.46 Trump and Xi Jinping promise to row together against the coronavirus

A few hours ago, Donald Trump announced that he has had a conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping . The result: the long-awaited truce to row together and face the pandemic that has the world on edge.

"I just finished a very good conversation with President Xi. We discussed in great detail about the coronavirus that is causing disasters in many parts of our planet.

China has already been through a lot and has been able to develop a very good understanding of the virus. We are working on this very closely. Respect! "Wrote the US president on his Twitter account . Lucas de la Cal reports. [Read the complete information]

13.40 The Medical College criticizes the hospital in Ifema

The Madrid Medical Association has criticized the launch of the Ifema field hospital to care for patients with coronavirus because "it supposes the closure of health centers" to relocate their professionals there and the displacement of residents and other health workers from other hospital complexes. "The response model is not correct," they said in a statement released this Friday.

In it they question that it has been preferred "to follow countries such as China , South Korea , Iran or Italy , which try to group and effectively treat patients in specific centers as they do not have such developed Primary Care " as here. This essential health service, they assure, would be able to cope with both the follow-up of symptoms and the evolution of cases and their referral for admission if the condition worsens.

"It also reduces response capacity and limits the possibility of action due to the lack of professionals in hospitals, which are already at the limit of their capacity due to the high load of patients and the losses that are taking place due to infections." Marta Belver and Luis Fernando Durán report . [Read the complete information]

13.37 12,000 new websites about coronaviruses to commit crimes

The National Police has detected in the last days the registration of almost 12,000 new web domains related to the coronavirus, created, in all probability, to commit crimes such as fraud in the purchase of false miraculous products that cure the disease.

It was revealed by the deputy director of operations of the National Police, José Ángel González , at the daily press conference of the Technical Committee for the Management of Coronavirus , in which he detailed this Friday the intense work of "cyber patrolling" of the specialist agents.

González explained that "almost in unison" 12,000 domains related to the name of coronavirus have been registered and in almost all cases "under the same providers", which suggests, he said, that these web page records hide activities such as computer viruses or scams.

13.33 175,000 workers at ERTE in Madrid

The Community of Madrid has registered until this Thursday a total of 32,000 Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTEs) , which affect a total of 175,000 workers.

A high percentage of these ERTEs correspond to small and medium businesswomen in sectors such as non-essential trade, hospitality, education and entertainment, sources from the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Competitiveness told Europa Press.

13.25 CSIF requests test from health professionals

CSIF , the majority public sector union, has issued a harsh statement on the latest information on the political management of the health crisis.

"Public health personnel face the weekend with outrage, disbelief and exhaustion at the latest information on the acquisition of failed tests, the scarcity of means, the saturation of the centers ... to which are added statements by the political leaders at national and regional level who do not help our professionals and spread a general feeling of anger, "says the union. "CSIF continues to insist on the need to carry out tests on health personnel currently in quarantine so that they can return to their posts," they added.

In addition, "the crisis has exposed the slowness and ineffectiveness of managing job boards, given the shortage of personnel." In Madrid , for example, "professionals are beginning to organize into WhatsApp groups where they share information about available resources to suggest referrals to their bosses and thus streamline the bureaucratic rigidity of the Administration." CSIF also asks to centralize the resources of the Madrid ICUs . Juanma Lamet reports .

13.24 11,000 masks for Catalan inmates

The Generalitat will distribute 11,000 face masks from a surplus that have already exceeded the manufacturer's designated useful life but can still be adjusted. They will also deliver another 50,000, from the same source, to prison professionals to replace the ones they have. The measure is adopted due to the shortage of personal protective equipment, reports Germán González .

12.52 9,444 health workers infected by coronavirus in Spain

Fernando Simón has reported that the toilets that have tested positive for coronavirus in Spain are currently 9,444 infected. Simón has recognized that it is a higher number than the rest of the countries that are experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this hopeless data, Simón has pointed out that although "much remains to be done", the data allow a positive reading that "little by little" one is "near the peak" of infections, which also means that "the death toll softens. "

12.48 "It seems that we are approaching the long-awaited peak"

"It seems that we are approaching the long-awaited peak. The important thing is that the descent is stable, once it passes. The decrease in transmission is not accompanied by a decrease in the use of the health system," Fernando Simón warned during the press conference after the meeting of the Coronavirus crisis Management Committee. Simón, after reporting that there are already 4,858 deaths in Spain and more than 64,000 infected, has insisted that "we must make an extra effort at this time. We must avoid any movement or avoidable contact. Not in all communities will peak at a time. "

Simón explained that today 7,871 new cases of coronavirus have been reported throughout Spain, representing "an increase lower than that of previous days with a 14% increase". This percentage means that "these cases are softened, although it is necessary to be cautious because notifications could be lacking . Despite this, these figures" give us some hope. "The increase in hospitalization stands at 14% compared to 13% of admissions in intensive care units. "These percentages indicate a small decrease with respect to previous days, although it is necessary to be cautious until reaching the peak that could occur next week," said Fernando Simón.

12.46. There are already 18 deaths from coronavirus in the Capellades residence

The Consorts Guasch Private Foundation, which manages the Capellades (Barcelona) nursing home, has confirmed the death of six more people (18 in total) and that 11 residents are in isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

12.24. Boris Johnson positive for coronavirus

Boris Johnson , Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has tested positive for coronavirus.

12.12. Espanyol presents an ERTE due to the coronavirus

The RCD Espanyol has announced this Friday the presentation before the labor authority of a temporary employment regulation file due to force majeure due to the coronavirus crisis. This measure, as the Barcelona club admits, has been carried out "unilaterally" and for "reasons of urgency and responsibility towards the entity." The file affects players, first and second coaches and physical trainers of the men's and women's first team, Espanyol B and Juveniles A and B. The measure consists of a reduction in working time of 70%, reports Francisco Cabezas .

12.08. Madrid tells the world that it will "fight" and "win" the coronavirus

Madrid Destino has launched a promotional campaign for Madrid, through a video in English, in which it assures that it will "fight" and "win" the coronavirus because it is an "invincible" capital in which "together" it has never been lost. Through various images of the capital, such as the Latina, Cibeles or the Retiro, the capital can be seen at different times of the day and year, and it is indicated that "when Madrid loses its breath, there are no questions." "We stop screaming in teams, we unite our voices and remember that together we have never lost," says the video.

12.05. Coronavirus: Madrid continues without rush hour and traffic falls 72.1% within the M-30

Madrid has again recorded a day without rush hour and traffic inside the M-30 has fallen 72.1% inside the M-30 as a result of the measures imposed to stop the Covid-19 pandemic. "Today again the rush hour has been non-existent in the city and there has been a reduction in traffic intensity of 70.7% in M-30," said the delegate for the Environment and Mobility, Borja Carabante, in his twitter account. In addition, the delegate added that the drop in vehicles has been 72.1% inside the M-30 and 70.5% outside the M-30.

12.02. The wake in the Community of Madrid suspended for the next month due to the coronavirus

The Community of Madrid has suspended the execution of funerals for the deceased in the region "regardless of the cause", whether or not due to coronaviruses , for a period of one month, without prejudice to the fact that the measure may be extended for a longer time. The decision is due to the "extraordinary increase" in the number of deaths in the Community of Madrid during the last days in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, which motivates the adoption of complementary measures in the field of mortuary health. The farewell of the deceased by family and friends should be carried out "at the final destination" of the body, whenever possible.

11.42. 64,059 infected by coronavirus and 4,858 dead

Coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours have been 769 deaths, bringing the total to 4,858 deaths. The number of infected people also continues to increase, 64,064 in total, 7,871 more than this Thursday, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health. The good news is that the number of recovered also continues to increase and there are already 9,357 people cured.

As reported by the department headed by Salvador Illa, there are also 4,165 patients in the ICU, 13.2% more after increasing by 486, and there are 9,357 people who have already recovered from Covid-19 , an increase of 33.3 % after adding 2,342 new registrations.

The Community of Madrid, which continues to lead the ranking of regions most affected by the coronavirus , already registers 19,243 affected and 2,412 deaths, followed by Catalonia with 12,940 people infected with the coronavirus and 880 deaths from this cause.

11.40. Portugal sees Dutch 'disgusting' speech on EU support in coronavirus crisis

Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa called the statements by Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra "repugnant" when he raised, after the extraordinary European Council, the possibility of investigating Spain for its management of the pandemic . Costa said in statements to the press in recent hours that "this speech is disgusting within the framework of the European Union (EU)," and described the speech of the Dutch leader as petty and unconscious. Visibly irritated by the result of the Council, the Portuguese socialist leader also warned that "if the EU wants to survive, it is unacceptable that any political leader, from whatever country, could give such a response during a pandemic like the one we are in. living".

11.35. Abbey Road's iconic zebra crossing, repainted by coronavirus

The iconic Abbey Road zebra crossing, famous for the 1969 Beatles album of the same name, has been repainted while the streets of London remain empty due to the coronavirus pandemic, reports The Guardian newspaper. A road maintenance team quietly repainted the zebra crossing on March 24, the day after the prime minister ordered Britain to shut down in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

11.29. Coronavirus: the Community of Madrid closes 46 health centers

The Community of Madrid has closed 46 health centers and local offices, while another eight have seen their hours of care reduced to the morning shift, within the plan of reorganization of the primary care of the Ministry of Health to "guarantee patient care due to coronavirus and urgent and non-delayed consultations ". In total, of the 430 primary care devices in the Community of Madrid, 54 have been affected: 37 local doctor's offices, 15 health centers and two peripheral points, the regional government said in a statement.

11.27. The coronavirus in Igualada, 1% of the Catalan population, 10% of the dead

La Conca d'Òdena, which with 70,000 residents does not reach 1% of the Catalan population, adds more than 10% of those killed in Catalonia by coronavirus , a figure that could skyrocket if it is confirmed that the 25 deceased in Capellades residences and Olesa de Montserrat are linked to this focus.

This is warned by the Generalitat in the justifying report, to which Efe has had access, which this week has delivered to the Government to try, without success, to tighten the current closure of the perimeter in this area, which groups the Barcelona municipalities of Igualada, Vilanova del Camí, Santa Margaría de Montbui and Òdena, to apply a total confinement of its population.

The Government has rejected the request of the Generalitat and yesterday agreed to extend the perimeter confinement of Conca d'Òdena for another 15 days, where, according to the report sent by the Generalitat, with data closed on March 23, 206 positives have been detected and 36 deaths from coronavirus.

11.04. Health admits that it bought 50,000 failed tests for the coronavirus

The Ministry of Health has acknowledged to TVE that there were 50,000 failed tests acquired from a Chinese company through a Spanish intermediary, and not only 9,000 as reported on Thursday. Health insists that these tests were never used and that they have already been returned. Rapid tests to detect coronavirus infection purchased by the Chinese Ministry of Health do not work well. They have a sensitivity of 30%, when they should be over 80%. And what does that mean? "That the tests are not worth it, because they give many false negatives," health officials from the Community of Madrid explained to EL MUNDO

10.59. Page, on the failed tests for the coronavirus: "It can happen to anyone"

The President of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, has considered that the rapid tests for coronavirus that have been failed and returned by the central government, is a situation that "could have happened to anyone" because the "market international "has become" a souk ".

The Castilian-La Mancha president has described that making purchases of material in the international market is being "a pitched war" between some suppliers and others, so that the administrations are subject to "infinite stress" because they operate "at forced marches" .

10.42. Ayuso thanks Feijóo for the transfer of sanitary material "This is making a country"

In a message published on social networks, Ayuso has assured that the Community of Madrid will be next to Galicia in the fight against the coronavirus . "I assure you that Madrid will be next to Galicia to fight the virus. And that if you need resources, ours will be yours soon," he said.

In this sense, the Madrid president has insisted on thanking the Galicians for providing 11 ICU devices for the sick. " Thanks to the Galicians for this gesture of solidarity . This is making a country," stressed the PP leader in a Twitter post.

Along the same lines, Feijóo has responded to his matchmate. "We all support each other," he replied, and then send support. "Much encouragement because this will end and we will celebrate the lives saved as we mourn the losses today. All Spaniards deserve it," he stressed.

10.38. The Generalitat installs 250 partitions in the courts for the coronavirus

The Generalitat installs 250 partitions in the courts to separate the areas of attention to the public and greater activity to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus . They will be in civil registries, guard courts, those of domestic violence or deanery. Officials had complained about the few preventive measures provided by the administration

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