A new argument was made about why Amy, a broadcaster who was banished due to the administration of propofol, etc., suddenly apologized to Wheesung after exposing him to Wheesung last year.

On the 27th, Hankyung.com said, “In April of last year, Amy made a phone call to Wheesung on social media for 1 hour and then spoke to Wheesung for an hour. "It was released."

According to the media, Wheesung said to Amy at the time, "Please delete the text," "Please tell me not," and "My mother is crying next to me." Appealed to the back. So Amy agreed with Wheesung and said "I'm sorry", but only this part was edited and released.

Amy's acquaintances also reported that "Amie was deceived by Wheesung at the time and deleted the post, and she felt that she was deceived by Wheesung because of the edited transcripts."

Last year, Amy told her SNS, "All the propofols were with group A. So was Zompidem. I beg for forgiveness for the crimes I committed now, and group A is smiling brightly on TV." He said, "I had to go with my friend and forgive me, but I was shocked to hear that an acquaintance said that 'A Army mocked a crime to press me during an investigation'."

Earlier, in 2013, Wheesung was investigated by the prosecution on charges of administering propofol, but in the same year, was sentenced. Amy, on the other hand, was sentenced to two years in probation in August of imprisonment for allegedly administering Propofol in 2012. He was deported in 2015 after being fined for allegedly administering zolpidem during probation.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yun)