China News Network, Hefei, March 25 (Reporter Wu Lan) "Announcement of the Anhui Provincial People's Government on the Arrangement of Returning Students to the School in the Spring Semester of 2020" was released on the evening of the 25th. The "Announcement" specifies the time for students to return to school in various schools in Anhui Province-on April 7th, the third graders return to school, and on April 13, the third graders return to school.

According to the needs of the current epidemic prevention and control situation, after comprehensive research and analysis, the return time of students in Anhui province in the spring semester of 2020 is as follows:

On April 7th, the third graders returned to school, and on April 13, the third graders returned to school.

The arrangements for returning to other grades of junior high school, secondary vocational school students, and primary, kindergarten, and special education schools will be determined by the municipal people's governments based on the local epidemic situation and the basic prevention and control conditions of the school, as well as the security situation of teachers and students and campus public health. , Develop a batch-wise, time-staggered return to school plan, but the time for returning to school must not be earlier than April 20.

College students will return to school and make separate arrangements depending on the epidemic situation.

Until all students (except for colleges and universities) of all semesters return to school, training institutions shall not organize offline training.

The “Announcement of the Anhui Provincial Department of Education and Work Committee of the CPC Anhui Provincial Education Department on Effectively Doing the Work of Returning to the Third and Third Years of the Senior Year of the Third Year” issued at the same day clearly states that schools in all regions shall provide all faculty and staff (including related services in the school) before returning to school. Enterprise employees, the same below) and students in the past 14 days to sort out information such as physical conditions, activity trajectories, etc., accurately grasp the details of each person, and establish a health file one by one.

In accordance with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, faculty and students must be guaranteed to wear masks after returning to school, two per person per day. Parents must not be required to prepare supplies such as masks.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, the teaching teachers will not change. Temporary classes will be organized according to no more than 40 people, one table per person, and a reasonable distance will be maintained. If the school building does have difficulties, the class will be taught in the morning and afternoon. Classes are used as a unit to ensure that the space for learning and living activities is relatively fixed, and the contacts are clear.