This aid concerns students from the Ile-de-France and Grand Est regions. - Frederic Scheiber / 20 Minutes

In Ile-de-France and in the Grand-Est, nursing students and nursing assistant students who have come in to reinforce nursing staff for the coronavirus will receive financial assistance, via funds from the skills investment plan (PIC) , the Ministry of Labor announced on Thursday.

“The internship allowances paid to nursing students are between 112 and 200 euros per month. Nursing assistant students do not receive any compensation ”in the Grand-Est region, explained the ministry.

Eleven million euros released

"This budget will allow the benefits to be very much increased: 1,400 euros per month for nursing students and 1,000 euros per month for nursing assistants," he adds. In this region, where the virus is rampant and saturates hospitals, "6,600 nursing students and 1,600 nursing assistant students in training are already mobilized". Eleven million euros are released to pay these students.

Last week, the ministry had already announced the release of 18 million euros for nursing students in Ile-de-France, region where 9,500 nursing students were to be called in reinforcement. These credits are drawn from the funds of the skills investment plan (PIC), intended for the training of a million low-skilled job seekers and a million young dropouts.


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