One person confirmed to be infected in Nagasaki University student returning home from studying in the UK Second person in the prefecture March 25 at 11:48

Nagasaki Prefecture has announced that it has been confirmed that 20-year-old male students at Nagasaki University in Nagayo Town are infected with the new coronavirus. It is the second person to be infected in Nagasaki Prefecture.

The infection was confirmed in Nagasaki Prefecture in Nagasaki-cho, a male student in their twenties living in Nagayo-cho.

According to the prefecture, the boy stayed in England for a short-term study abroad from early last month and returned to Japan on 16th of this month.

When I felt the sore throat on the 18th of this month and had a feeling of malaise on the 24th, Nagasaki University, which grasped the information, tested positive for a new type of coronavirus.

For this reason, when the prefecture's Center for Environmental Health Research conducted another inspection, it was confirmed that the infection was confirmed on the morning of the 25th. Currently, male students are hospitalized at a hospital in Nagasaki City due to fever, despite feeling sick.

It is the second person to be infected in Nagasaki Prefecture.

The male student arrived at Haneda Airport from the United Kingdom on the 16th of this month, and moved to Nagasaki Airport on the same day, returned to his home in Nagayo-cho by his family's car, and then voluntarily went out.

Four families who lived together were tested as close contacts, but none were negative, so Nagasaki Prefecture will continue to follow up for the next 14 days, as well as more detailed behavioral history of male students and other close contacts We are checking if there are any people.