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Hello artix! M6 and France Culture have shaken up their programming this Tuesday to broadcast several works adapted from Asterix albums, in tribute to Albert Uderzo, the designer of the Gallic hero who died at the age of 92.

M6 has developed a special evening by programming Beijing express: return to the legendary route , Beijing express: alternative route and Germanwings flight: the underside of a crash initially planned.

Radio adaptation

At 9:05 pm, the channel will broadcast Astérix - Le domaine des dieux , animated film by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy, released in 2014. It will be followed at 10:35 pm by Astérix et les Vikings , another animated feature film, released in 2006, then, at 11.55pm from the documentary Uderzo, the ingredients of the magic potion .

On the airwaves, France Culture will rebroadcast from 19h to 20h the adaptation in radio fiction of La Zizanie , the 15th album of the adventures of Asterix the Gallic. This adaptation, created by France Culture, was recorded in public at the Maison de la radio in November, on the occasion of Asterix 60 years, and broadcast in December on its antenna.


How do we see that Alexandre Astier succeeded in his "Asterix"?

Asterix is ​​"the brawling and franchouillard spirit of deep France"
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